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Shelby’s Destroyer Disc Blaster Is High-Powered, Tactical, & Way Too Fun

While it’s true that adults have more autonomy and resources than children, nobody can argue that kids have way more fun. How could they not? They have all the best stuff! Kids spend all of their childhoods playing with toys designed by adults who wished they had them when they were little. It’s a cruel irony that the father and son duo, David and Henry Pisor, who created Shelby MFG, decided to expose by making a powerful foam disc blaster that could be enjoyed by both kids and adults, the Shelby Destroyer.

The Shelby Destroyer is one of those toys that tugs at your heartstrings because it’s undeniably cool. A true, pandemic-born idea, the Shelby Destroyer’s genesis came from David and Henry’s favorite quarantine pastime: NERF battles. Despite loving NERF battles, the father-son duo grew frustrated with their NERF blasters. From loading issues and dying batteries to a lack of accuracy and jamming, they felt that their skills were limited by the shortcomings of their NERF blasters. Rather than spending money on more premium NERF guns, they made their own. What resulted from years of research and development was a foam disc blaster that boasted an arguably superior design and firepower while employing discs as ammunition. The Shelby Destroyer is a premium foam disc blaster designed, engineered, and assembled in America. It’s powered by a lithium battery and an 11.1-volt engine that can shoot their proprietary (and safe) discs an eye-popping 120 feet-per-second. Better yet, the Shelby Blaster can launch discs accurately up to 80 feet.

Each blaster comes with a set of 240 high-density foam discs, a pair of polycarbonate tactical safety glasses, and a rechargeable lithium battery. Even cooler, Shelby MFG is in the process of developing a biodegradable foam disc, so their products will be as sustainable as they are fun to play with. If all of that isn’t enough, they even offer an aluminum scope and laser sight as optional add-ons. The Shelby Destroyer retails for $237 and is available for preorder on the brand’s website.

Purchase: $237

Photo: Shelby MFG

Photo: Shelby MFG