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Sennheiser’s First Pair of Open-Backs Will Optimize Your Studio Experience

While Sennheiser has always crafted top-notch audio equipment, there have often been other manufacturers that offer a more robust sound through the mixing and mastering process. With that in mind, Sennheiser is looking to compete with the Beyerdanamics and Audio-Technicas of the recording world with a brand new edition to their HD series. Unveiling their HD 400 Pro headphones, the German audio boutique’s latest release will keep everything right in tune.

Thanks to their lightweight makeup and rather luxurious velour earpads, these brand new headphones look to provide an easy-going day in the booth in every sense of the word. As the brand’s very first pair of open-back headphones, the HD 400 Pro’s implemented set of angled drivers and 120-ohm transducers provide a far more authentic listen, shining a light on each meticulous detail. On top of that, they offer excellent spatial audio quality through Dear Reality’s trademark Spatial Headphone Compensation, allowing you to craft mixes at the modern-day standard. To emulate the purest studio experience imaginable, Sennheiser rounded out the HD 400 Pros with a pair of open-ear cups, that allow for a ranging wide or transparent soundstage, enclosing all sound and ensuring all comfort.

These are surely a great pair of headphones across the board, but casual listeners may not appreciate these fine-tuned capabilities as much as your average producer. Available now for a humble $249, producers and mixers alike can look to refine their in-house prowess with these finely-crafted new over-ears from Sennheiser.

Purchase: $249

Photo: Sennheiser
Photo: Sennheiser