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Oddict Revamps Their Flagship Twig Earbuds with an Updated Pro Model

If there’s one thing that every company in the world knows how to make nowadays, it’s a pair of true wireless earbuds. From Apple to Samsung and adidas to Louis Vuitton, there may not be a bigger surplus of one particular item on the market. Luckily, some audio brands still tend to keep things simple, rather than rely on bells and whistles. The SoCal-based techies at Oddict fall in line with that, and have now delivered a revamped rendition of their Twig earbuds.

Appropriately called the Twig Pro, this sleek set of buds boasts a far-more robust aesthetic than that of their predecessor, with its half-ear design offering an ideal fit. While the latest release does feature 12mm drivers that parallel the standard Twigs, the Pro model offers Snapdragon sound technology, allowing listeners to get the absolute most out of their listening experience at up to 96kHz. The most notable difference, however, is the Pro model’s ANC capabilities that can block up to 98% of ambient noise, which will surely come in handy on your busiest day working from home, as well as provide stable competition to the market’s more orthodox in-ear offerings. And, thankfully, the Twig Pros still feature the same aluminum build and sleek charging case as the standard Twig.

Those tired of constantly flapping up their old AirPods case and interested in taking a whirl at a new brand of earbuds won’t be disappointed upon trying these out. Available now through Oddict’s website, the Twig Pro earbuds will cost you $150.

Purchase: $150

Photo: Oddict
Photo: Oddict