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Made In’s Latest Cast Iron Dutch Oven Is a Hand-Enameled Kitchen Wonder

Having quality cookware is essential to being a fully-functioning adult. You don’t need to be outfitted like a Michelin-rated restaurant, however, there are undoubtedly some kitchen essentials that all men should have. Among these precious pots and pans that everyone needs to own is a solid dutch oven. These deep vessels are ideal for making soups, casseroles, carnitas, or any slow-cooking recipe you can think of. While traditional, enameled dutch ovens can cost an arm and a leg, Made In has released a high-quality dutch oven with a surprisingly affordable price tag.

Made In is a direct-to-consumer kitchen supplier that makes professional-caliber cookware for a fraction of the price. It’s a no-nonsense brand that focuses on utility and quality over everything, yet its products just happen to be gorgeous. Such is the case with its new limited-edition enameled cast iron dutch oven. Made In’s dutch oven features a cast iron construction that’s hand-enameled for enhanced durability, heat retention, and heat dispersion.

Never ones to compromise on quality, the folks at Made In enlisted a factory in Northeast France that’s been producing enameled cast iron since the 1920s to make its dutch ovens. Another great feature of this dutch oven is its cloud cover lid, which uses steam to self-baste its contents. This steaming process yields tastier, more tender stews and braises due to the gentle nature of steam cooking. What’s more, its enameled body gives this dutch oven more versatility than traditional cast iron due to its enhanced heat dispersion, allowing you to use it for lower-temperature recipes.

Aside from its utility and quality, Made In’s dutch oven looks fantastic. It has a navy blue body with a black enameled interior and a brass-colored stainless steel knob for contrast. Of course, the real surprise of a dutch oven of this caliber is its $199 price tag, which is more than half of what you’d pay for a comparable one from Staub or Le Creuset. Made In’s enameled cast iron dutch oven is available for limited release now on its website.

Purchase: $199

Photo: Made In
Photo: Made In