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With 8-Knot Speeds, U-Boat Worx’s ‘Super Sub’ Is Its Fastest Submersible to Date

Since its inception in 2005, U-Boat Worx has been producing some of the world’s finest and most capable submersibles for both scientific research and recreational applications. For its latest underwater vessel, however, the Dutch shipbuilder has revealed its most maneuverable and high-performance model to date with what the Breda-based business has appropriately dubbed the “Super Sub.”

Weighing 9,000kgs (or 19,841lbs), spanning 208″ in length, 121.6″ in width, and 90.3″ in height, the Super Sub can accommodate a trio of occupants and can dive to depths as low as almost 1,000′ (or 300m). Powered by a best-in-class 60kW (or roughly 80 horsepower) propulsion system, the Super Sub can achieve climbs and dives as steep as 30 degrees and is capable of speeds of up to 8 knots (or 9.2mph). That’s not only 5 knots faster than your average submersible but is also faster than the cruising speed of a bottlenose dolphin or great white shark. The powertrain runs off of an equally advanced 62kWh pressure-tolerant Lithium-ion battery pack system that’s housed in oil-filled pressurized enclosures — along with the rest of the craft’s electronics — and offers eight hours of autonomy on a single charge. Newly-designed hydrofoils at the aft end of the vessel also allow the direction of its thrust to be optimized, while the use of a removable trim weight system enables the ship to make much more rapid descents. Entered through a large top access hatch, the Super Sub also sports a fully acrylic pressure hull, a wireless two-way comms system, a Sonar system, powerful underwater LED auxiliary lights and spotlights, U-Boat’s innovative SHARC controller system, a cold storage box for food and drinks, and even a high-fidelity Bluetooth sound system.

Unsurprisingly, the U-Boat Worx Super Sub will only be available to an elite and affluent few — which works out well as the vessel has room for three occupants. You can inquire about getting one of your own at the U-Boat Worx website.

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Photo: U-Boat Worx
Photo: U-Boat Worx