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FLUX’s Primo Electric Dirtbike Boasts Cutting-Edge Tech & 553FT-LBs of Torque

Photos: FLUX Performance

With ever-denser and more potent battery packs and unparalleled torque figures, it’s frankly unsurprising that the off-road Powersports segment has increasingly embraced EV powertrains. And the latest firm to apply this tech to the off-road sector is Slovenian startup FLUX Performance, which has just revealed its inaugural offering with a fully-electric dirtbike lineup.

Dubbed the Primo, this state-of-the-art two-wheeler is being offered as an off-road-only motocross bike as well as in street-legal dual-sport and supermoto variants. Boasting an impressive 95% efficiency rate, the Primo is powered by a frame-mounted electric motor that weighs only 17lbs and utilizes an advanced 2-stage geared reduction system with Formula 1-inspired straight cut gears that feature a special tooth profile. Paired with a “virtual clutch,” the Primo’s motor produces 85hp and an astounding 553.2ft-lbs of instantaneously-accessible torque. As a point of reference, Yamaha’s latest 450cc dirtbike produces around 53hp and 33ft-lbs (even Lamborghini’s Huracan STO makes just 416ft-lbs!).

The electric MXer is constructed around a perimeter-style aluminum cradle frame that’s paired with a custom-designed cast swing-arm, an Öhlins’ twin-tube-tech-equipped TTX mono-shock, and a 48mm inverted KYB fork. In addition to boasting otherworldly performance figures, the Primo also comes loaded with an impressive host of tech. Armed with a bevy of sensors including accelerometers, gyroscopes, wheels speed monitors, vibration sensors, and GPS tracking, the bike feeds real-time data through a controller that monitors riding characteristics 100 times per second, and allows users to independently adjust half-a-dozen different riding parameters. Tipping the scales at 75lbs, the motor draws from a 6.7kWh, 400V swappable battery that’s fully waterproof and set in an aerospace-grade housing. Other highlights include Excel Takasago wheels, top-shelf brakes with active regenerative braking, a reverse button, and an anti-theft system that can be unlocked using a PIN on the bike’s smartphone app.

FLUX Performance aims to begin production in 2023, with deliveries scheduled to commence the following year. And, while pricing, availability, and full specs have yet to be revealed, the FLUX Primo electric dirtbike lineup is currently available for preorder, requiring a deposit of €50 (~$55).

Purchase: $55+

Photo: FLUX Performance
Photo: FLUX Performance
Photo: FLUX Performance