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Polestar x Candela Just Built A Gorgeous $450,000 Electric Hydrofoil Boat

Candela C8 Polestar Edition Boat 0 Hero
Photos: Polestar

Swedish automotive label Polestar has made a name for itself since starting in the late 90s. The racing brand (now Cyan Racing) began in partnership with Volvo, creating racecars and enhanced models. In 2017, Polestar broke off on its own, and the label shifted focus to primarily electric vehicles. Another Swedish electric vehicle company, Candela, while not as old, has also been making waves with its electric hydrofoil boats since 2016. The C-8 boat that debuted earlier this year was lauded for its impressive power and range. And now Polestar and Candela have teamed up on a limited edition version of the very same vessel, the Candela C-8 Polestar Edition electric boat, with exclusive shades, trims, and upholstery. Further proving that electronic vehicles can provide luxurious performance.

Candela C8 Polestar Edition Boat 1
Photo: Polestar

Based on the original battery-powered C-8, this limited-edition version is in line with both Candela and Polestar’s affinity for minimal and innovative electronic vehicles. The outside of the boat is now a sleek, grey shade with some lighter grey tones on the inside of the vessel. Also receiving a special update is the upholstery, which was designed with durable marine textiles and clad in the aforementioned light grey color. Subtle accents of gold can be found on the bottom of the boat (in the hydrofoil), along with the tags on the chairs.

Candela C8 Polestar Edition Boat 2
Photo: Polestar

As for the features carried over, it will have the original version’s 69 kWh pack from the Polestar 2 (yes, it’s a car battery, but that’s a good thing). It has an impressive range of 57 nautical miles and a cruising speed of 22 knots, all off of a single charge. The computer-guided hydrofoils and the electric car battery work together to provide a quiet and efficient ride.

Candela C8 Polestar Edition Boat 3
Photo: Polestar

The Candela C-8 Polestar Edition Boat is available to purchase now for $450,000, with deliveries expected to begin during the second quarter of 2024.