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This For-Sale Pink Lamborghini Espada Has a Fascinating History

Photos: LBI Limited

Lorrie Stern has almost certainly earned the title of “coolest grandma ever.” In addition to frequently flying her Cessna Aerobat and being a graduate of the Skip Barber Racing School, the Long Island resident and mother of four is well-known for her long-term daily driver, a custom pink Lamborghini Espada that Stern purchased new from a New York dealership — now a two-owner example that’s recently surfaced for sale.

This Series III Espada was extensively driven by Stern, who racked up well over 100,000 miles on the car over her roughly three and a half decades of ownership. Riding on a five-lug set of 15” Campagnolo wheels, the Espada originally left the factory wearing green paint, though in 1979 Stern opted to bestow the four-seat grand tourer with a custom light pink paint job that she said not only better brought out the car’s Bertone-designed body lines, but also matched the color scheme of her kitchen. From there, the grandmother proceeded to pair the new light pink livery with pink Wilton wool carpets and a white Connolly leather interior.

Equipped with a five-speed manual transmission, the Espada features a 3.9-liter V12 engine that Stern cared for meticulously, having it serviced exclusively by Wil De Groot of Exoticars USA in Milford, New Jersey. On top of receiving multiple ribbons and awards from car shows — including a Special Prize ribbon at the Concorso Italiano — Stern’s Espada was also featured in a slew of publications including The Drive, MotorTrend, and a feature-length story in The New York Times. After using the car for decades as her personal daily driver, Stern eventually sold off the Espada in 2010. The new owner then proceeded to treat the Lamborghini and its V12 engine to an extensive refresh that cost nearly $30,000 and included all new pistons, gaskets and seals, valves, new Weber carburetors, fresh bearings and washers, and all-new filters, spark plugs, and fluids.

Currently being sold through Philadelphia-based exotic and collector’s car dealer LBI Limited, Lorrie Stern’s custom pink 1974 Lamborghini Espada (Chassis #9612) is available for purchase now, with an asking price of $166,000. Alongside the car itself, the sale also includes the original factory owner’s manual, tool kit, jack, and an extensive array of service records and documentation.

Purchase: $166,000

Photo: LBI Limited
Photo: LBI Limited
Photo: LBI Limited