Metro Skyways’ CityHawk eVTOL Is A Hydrogen-Powered 6-Seater Flying Car

As automotive manufacturers search for a more optimal way to power, produce, and promote their evolutionary platforms, questions continue to revolve around the validity of airborne transport. While many a company have thrown their lot in the ring regarding the world’s next-gen commuter, Metro Skyways seems to be on-track toward its first commercially-available option, thanks to the CityHawk eVTOL.

Metro Skyways’ CityHawk eVTOL flying car is notable for a number of reasons. First, it’s expected to be one of the genre’s foremost transport models, calling upon a car-sized chassis, six-passenger cabin, and enhanced interior to make it 50% more spacious than any comparable helicopter platform today. Like its single-rotor counterpart, it can take off and land in a variety of tightly-cropped urban locations, thanks to its conventional turbine engine, dual-fan design, and hydrogen-powered persona, which, according to the company, is the only viable option for those looking to utilize a “100% environmentally-friendly power source.” While the electrical vertical take-off and landing vehicle might be a distant dream, Metro has stated that its flagship fan-craft model has been devised to accept and elaborate upon evolutionary technologies, allowing it to maintain relevance for decades to come. Head to the company’s website to learn more.

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