Icon Finds Inspiration In Giant Mech Anime For The ‘Brand New Jack’ Suzuki Katana

Icon has a knack for creating some of the most captivating motorcycles on the planet, but when it comes to the renovation of any virgin platform, the company’s departure from its typical diet of antiquated mechanical peripherals and aged donor bikes poses a significant threat. After taking one look at its rendition of Suzuki’s starship-esque Katana, however, we’re convinced that the Portland-based brand was right for the job.

Following the delivery of a brand-new 2020 donor model from Suzuki USA, Icon took to the drawing board to understand what it is about the Katana’s design that makes it so noteworthy. Perhaps it was the bike’s ultra-angular persona — a futuristic-looking amalgamation of sharp linework and subdued curvature — that served as a fleeting inspiration for the space-age model you see here. With only 30 days to achieve a complete build, Icon’s design team took a nostalgic trip into the realm of Gobots, Gundam, and Robotech cybergirls to make their dream a reality, gifting the aptly-named “Brand New Jack” with a premium Nitron suspension, Leo Vince components, twin endurance racing fuel ports, and Avon competition tires. Forged Galespeed wheels smuggled from Japan during the 2002 magnesium embargo serve as a unique finishing touch. Head to Icon’s website for a closer look at the mechanical wonder.

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