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Waydoo Unveils an Ultra-Light and Highly Efficient Underwater Scooter

With the release of its inaugural product, the Flyer One electric hydrofoil board (i.e. a “flying” surfboard), Waydoo has redefined the idea of having fun on the water for this modern world. Now, only three years later, the China-based company has unveiled its Subnado, an underwater scooter that can be completely powered by your thumb.

Giving you the ability to propel under the surface at up to 3.13mph with one tube (depending on the user’s weight and the conditions of the water) and up to 4.47mph using two of these handheld devices, the Subnado enhances your ability to explore depths up to the 60-meter maximum. The three-speed gear control is easy to operate, even for younger swimmers, and can attach to your wrists, ankles, or even your surfboard, with either a finger-ring controller or cruising mode option.

Made from an aluminum alloy, the Subnado is considered to be the world’s smallest portable underwater scooter at just under 15 inches long and weighing around 3 pounds. The device can easily be stowed away in your backpack for travel both near and far, and is airline-approved for longer trips. With three expansion ports for auxiliary attachments, you can also use the Subnado with devices such as external lights or a GoPro camera. The built-in lithium-ion battery charges fully in 72 minutes and lasts for 56 minutes.

The Subnado is perfect for divers who hate being bogged down with too much equipment and also want something to help them navigate against stronger currents. The underwater scooter is being sold for €589 (~$669) on Waydoo’s web store, which is currently taking preorders.

Purchase: $669

Photo: Waydoo
Photo: Waydoo