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Gestalten’s ‘The Parklands’ Book Is a Mesmerizing Look at America’s Wonders

The hidden beauty of all the national parks throughout the country could genuinely fill up a book — and Gestalten just put one together. The esteemed publishing house has released The Parklands: Trails and Secrets from the National Parks of the United States.

The book was edited alongside Parks Project, a brand created by Keith Eshelman and Savage Kazanci that has donated over $2 million of its profits to U.S. parklands since coming to shape in 2014. For authenticity’s sake, the 368-page book is certified by the Forest Stewardship Council. From Yosemite to Grand Canyon and Death Valley to Big Sur, the gorgeous array of photographs that put this book together is highlighted by towering Hyperion trees, mesmerizing waterfalls, and jaw-dropping wildlife.

In addition to its stunning visuals, it features a collection of fun facts to account for when planning a grand trio of your own. Moreover, Gestalten claims that this new release sheds much-needed light on “sustainable, low-impact activities,” granting readers an opportunity to bask in the world’s most incredible sights. So, whether you place it in your living room and scroll through the pages or decide it’s time to step out of the house and do some live birdwatching, you’re helping yourself and the planet.

Appreciating nature from afar may not compare to being up close and personal, but Gestalten makes it look incredible. The sprawling book is available on its webshop for $55.

Purchase: $55