The 10 Best Everyday Carry Gifts For Father’s Day

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While we wouldn’t say that everyday carry is a young man’s game, as the greater concept (before it was named) has been around about as long as humanity has been inventing tools, things have changed fairly drastically over the last couple of decades. And even if you’ve been keyed into those changes, there’s still a chance that there’s a dad out there you know — your own or otherwise — who isn’t.

There was a time when wallets were bulky out of necessity, not by choice. Similarly, the construction materials used to craft folding knives and similar pocketable tools have gotten significantly better, more readily available, and more varied stylistically and in regards to budgets. Today, no matter your dad’s personal style, preferences, and needs — there’s an everyday carry gift out there that’s perfect for him. And there’s a pretty good chance it’s on the following list.

Deejo 37G Custom Knives

There’s a wide variety of minimalist knives on the market, but few (if any) are as stripped down as Deejo’s 37G while still remaining both functional and beautiful. What’s even better about these blades is that the brand offers a huge variety of customization options that include blade finishes and graphics, a variety of handle materials (including wood and carbon fiber), and more. If you want to gift the dad in your life a truly unique and useful tool, this is it.

Purchase: $70+

Hella Slingshot No. 4

Based out of San Francisco, Hella Slingshots makes updated versions of those BB-shooting toys we all loved as kids. Yet they manage to make them somehow elegant, through a combination of natural materials (like genuine forked tree branches), thoughtful designs, and long-lasting constructions. If the dad in your life hasn’t lost his childlike wonderment or penchant for troublemaking, this is the perfect gift.

Purchase: $37+

Standard Issue 1942 WWII Class A Comb

Inspired by and based on the original combs given to American soldiers during WWII, these hand-assembled modern updates are crafted from beautiful high-quality metals and premium leather — making them the perfect EDC gift for any father who cares about his appearance. Better still, they fold down for easy and compact pocket storage, so you can keep your grooming essential in your pocket day-in and day-out.

Purchase: $60

The Sneerwell Noble Flasks

With the exception of non-drinkers, every man should have at least one good flask in his arsenal. And if uniqueness and reliability are important to the father in your life, then you’ll do no better than the offerings from The Sneerwell. Made from sturdy stainless steel, each of these flasks features hand-etched designs and a proprietary aging process that makes every one individual from the rest. With a 6-ounce capacity, these screw-top vessels are the perfect beverage transport system.

Purchase: $65

Leatherman Wave+ Multi-Tool

With a solid stainless steel construction and a whopping 18+ built-in tools, Leatherman’s Wave might just be the best folding multi-tool ever created. And they just compounded on its brilliance for the Wave+ by adding removable and replaceable wire cutters. Operable with one hand and with all of the tools (minus the pliers) available while it’s closed, this multi-tool is quite literally a handheld toolbox.

Purchase: $100

Timex x Todd Snyder Military Field Watch

Timex has a long history of making superb, budget-friendly watches. But their relatively low price doesn’t mean they’re lacking in style, as evidenced by this collaboration release with designer Todd Snyder. Based on the brand’s military watches from the 1970s, this brass wristwatch comes with a quartz movement, 50-meters of water-resistance, a mineral crystal, and a comfortable fabric strap.

Purchase: $138

Topo Designs Commuter Briefcase

A briefcase is an everyday necessity for many a businessman — but that doesn’t mean your dad has to be generic and boring. Instead, opt for something with a bit more character and durability — like the ballistic nylon and black Horween leather Topo Commuter Briefcase. Tough enough to survive the battlefield, but good-looking enough to suit most office environments, this 15L bag is the perfect blend of style and substance.

Purchase: $189

Bellroy Work Folio A5

While the written word is slowly becoming a lost art, there are still plenty of folks who have an appreciation for taking notes by hand. If your dad is amongst their ranks, he’ll probably appreciate Bellroy’s remarkably handsome Work Folio A5. Crafted from environmentally-certified leather, this zippered portfolio comes with space for an A5-sized notebook, a pen sleeve, and internal pockets suitable for a small tablet, phone, and up to six cards.

Purchase: $199

Prometheus Lights Titanium Alpha Pen

Everyone should carry a high-quality pen in the chance that you’ll need to scrawl an important note or idea on-the-fly. But the pen you choose to carry can say a lot about your preparedness and how much you value your ability to record information. That’s why Prometheus Lights’ Titanium Alpha Pen is the perfect, nearly-indestructible writing tool for any father who knows how valuable a pen can actually be. It’s made in the USA from titanium, has a screw-on cap, and is compatible with Montblanc Fineliner and Rollerball ink cartridges.

Purchase: $250

Persol PO3225S Sunglasses

If the dad in your life was born before the ’80s, there’s a solid chance he’s got an appreciation for the Tom Cruise movie, Cocktail. If that’s the case, these Persol sunglasses — which were worn by Cruise in the film — are the perfect style addition to his wardrobe. Even if he doesn’t know or care about the drink-slingin’ film, these movie sunglasses are beautiful, useful, and timeless.

Purchase: $310

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