The 15 Best Titanium Everyday Carry Pens

Photo: Big Idea Design Ti Pocket Pro

Everyone should own and haul around at least one solid everyday carry pen. And no, we don’t mean one of those cheap plastic ones you lifted from your bank or doctor’s office. Rather, anyone who values being prepared should put a bit of time and effort into choosing a writing utensil specifically for the purpose of adding it to your EDC loadout.

If you’re really particular about your writing utensil and don’t want to mess around with things that you might discover to be unworthy, investing in something with a legendary level of durability might do you some good. In that case, we sugged you consider picking up a titanium everyday carry pen. And to make your search (and your life) just a little bit easier, we’ve rounded up 15 of the absolute best below.

Photo: Big Idea Design Ti Pocket Pro

Why Choose Titanium?

Super Metal Benefits

Although it seems like a thoroughly modern material, titanium actually dates back hundreds of years. It was actually discovered independently back in the late-1700s by two men: William Gregor from Great Britain and Martin Heinrich Klaproth of Germany — the latter of which gave the metal its iconic name (a reference to the Titans of Greek myth). In spite of its discovery in the 18th century, it wouldn’t be developed and widely used until much later.

Starting in the 1950s and 1960s, the Soviet Union spearheaded the use of titanium in military applications — like in the construction of nuclear submarines. Shortly thereafter, it would be used extensively in the aerospace industry, especially in high-performance aircraft like the SR-71 Blackbird, Lockheed’s A-12, and the Air Force’s F-100 Super Sabre. Following the extensive integration into the military, the Department of Defense also widely supported the commercialization of titanium — bringing the substance into civilian-facing industries. Today, it’s still a relative rarity, but titanium is widely available in purchasable gear — like wallets, folding knives, pens, and a lot more. And it’s also quite popular because of its technical properties.

The reason titanium is so valuable comes primarily in its inherently high level of strength with a remarkably low weight. In fact, it’s been said that titanium is up to 50% lighter than traditional steel while still retaining the same toughness and durability. Granted, the tradeoff is a higher entry price — but for some folks, the near-indestructibility and lack of bulk of the material are more than worth it. If you fall into the same line of thinking, incorporating it into your everyday carry is an excellent way to take advantage of the miracle metal. And any of the following 15 pens will serve you well day-in and day-out.

TEC Accessories Titanium Picopen

At just 4.2″ long, this minuscule everyday carry pen is small enough that you can attach it to your carabiner or keychain and you’ll probably forget about it — until you need it, that is. Yet, thanks to its aerospace-grade titanium construction, it’s still insanely tough and durable. It also comes complete with a Zebra F-Refill cartridge, has a Neodymium rare-Earth magnetic cap for quick-access and ease of use, and weighs just over a half ounce.

Deployment Type: Magnetic Cap
Included Cartridge: Zebra F-Refill

Purchase: $43

Fenix T5Ti Halberd Titanium Tactical Pen

Every writing utensil can be used in self-defense applications, but there are some that are specifically built to survive such uses. The Fenix T5Ti Halberd Titanium Tactical Pen is amongst the latter. Boasting a Schmidt P950M pressurized refill, this pen is an exceptional note-taking tool, but it also features a titanium alloy construction with a hardened steel strike bezel made specifically for impacts. It’s also handsome, lightweight, and has an ergonomic shape that feels good in your hand whether you’re writing down notes or swinging away.

Deployment Type: Screw Top
Included Cartridge: Schmidt P950M

Purchase: $70

Big Idea Design Ti Pocket Pro Pen

Even some of the most versatile pens in the world are still only compatible with a small number of refill cartridges. The Big Idea Design Ti Pocket Pro, by contrast, is a powerhouse capable of auto-adjusting to accept a whopping 80+ different refill types. Yes, that includes all the most popular varieties, like Fisher Space Pen, Schmidt, rollerball, ballpoint, and much more. Pair that with a simple twist-operated deployment and tough titanium construction, and this is one of the most all-around solid titanium everyday carry pens.

Deployment Type: Twist-Operated
Included Cartridge: Schneider Gel 0.4

Purchase: $75

Nitecore NTP10 Titanium Tactical Pen

While a pen you might carry needs to be useful as a writing utensil, that doesn’t mean it has to be boring in its appearance. Case in point: Nitecore’s NTP10 Titanium Tactical Pen is one of the most eye-catching writing utensils we’ve ever had the pleasure to see. It’s ultra-clean in its silhouette, but with a unique spiral-bored barrel design that’s almost reminiscent of the rifling in firearms. Of course, it’s not just good looks — it also features a sturdy design with a click-on cap, a tungsten tip for emergency or self-defense usage, and compatibility with the famous Fisher Space Pen pressurized cartridges.

Deployment Type: Click-On Cap
Included Cartridge: Fisher Space Pen

Purchase: $85

Tactile Turn Titanium Shaker Pen

If you’re fond of Bauhaus — the minimalist German design school that hinges on the belief that form follows function — then the Tactile Turn Titanium Shaker Pen might be the EDC writing utensil for you. Minimalist and elegant, this clicker-style titanium everyday carry pen is made in the USA, fits all Parker-style refills, has an all-metal clicker that’s sturdier than similar plastic ones, and comes equipped with a Schmitt Easy Flow 9000 cartridge. If you’re one to think that beauty lies in simplicity, this is the pen for you.

Deployment Type: Clicker
Included Cartridge: Schmidt Easy Flow 9000

Purchase: $99

TEC Accessories KO-Axis Titanium Rail Pen

With most pens, even when cleverly engraved, they’re little more than a cylinder with an ink cartridge at their center. And while most folks are fine with a basic writing utensil, those who appreciate uniqueness might want something with a bit more flair. In that case, there’s the TEC Accessories KO-Axis Titanium Rail Pen. Boasting a singularly flat and ergonomic design, this magnificent piece of carry features a magnetic slider deployment; a construction of titanium, stainless steel, and aluminum; is symmetrical in its design (and therefore ambidextrous); and is compatible with D1-style refills — like those made by Fisher Space Pen.

Deployment Type: Slider
Included Cartridge: Fisher Space Pen

Purchase: $140

Boker Plus K.I.D. cal .50 Titan Pen

As it was first largely used in military applications, seeing titanium used in the construction of a tactical pen is kind of like a match made in heaven — and the Boker Plus K.I.D. cal .50 you see here is one of the greats. Featuring a firearm-inspired bolt-action deployment, a hefty and ergonomic body, and compatibility with Fisher Space Pen’s pressurized cartridges, this is an exceptional note-taking tool. And its sturdy construction has the added bonus of being made tough enough to weather self-defense applications, as well.

Deployment Type: Bolt Action
Included Cartridge: Fisher Space Pen

Purchase: $143

Fellhoelter TiBolt Pens

Simply put, Fellhoelter’s entire collection of TiBolt everyday carry pens is legendary amongst the EDC community — and for good reason. They’re handsome, easy to use without seeming boring (thanks to the bolt-action deployment), and come in a number of different finishes — so you can choose the color and format that suits your desires and budget best. The one problem? They’re also insanely popular and don’t stay stocked very long between production runs. If you want one of these exceptional titanium pens, you’ll want to act quickly.

Deployment Type: Bolt Action
Included Cartridge: Schmidt Easy Flow 9000

Purchase: $150+

Tactile Turn DLC Titanium Slider Pen

Another excellent offering from Tactile Turn, their Slider pen is a sleek and modern writing utensil for those who like just a touch of tactical styling in their everyday carry. In this case, that can be found in the bolt-action deployment, titanium construction, and blacked-out DLC coating (which serves to make it more sinister in its appearance and adds more overall durability). This beautiful all-black piece of EDC is also made in the USA, comes with a Schmidt Easy Flow 9000 cartridge, and is compatible with all Parker-style refills.

Deployment Type: Bolt Action
Included Cartridge: Schmidt Easy Flow 9000

Purchase: $159

Tuff-Writer Precision Press Tactical Pen

As you might imagine from their company name, Tuff-Writer specializes in making writing utensils that are practically indestructible. And one of our favorites, the Precision Press Tactical Pen, also happens to be made out of sturdy titanium. Completely overbuilt and over-engineered, this apocalypse-ready clicker pen is balanced, lightweight without feeling flimsy, handsome, and was made to house a number of different ink refills (including those from Fisher Space Pen, Parker, Schmidt, and more). Showy without being flamboyant, this is a tactical pen that will never let you down.

Deployment Type: Clicker
Included Cartridge: Fisher Space Pen

Purchase: $205

Prometheus Lights Titanium Alpha Pen

Sometimes, a high price doesn’t necessarily mean a solid construction. Luckily, that’s not at all the case with the Prometheus Lights Titanium Alpha Pen. Featuring a unique and ergonomic body, a reliable screw-top closure, and compatibility with Montblanc Fineliner and Rollerball ink cartridges, this marvelous writing utensil is exactly as good as it looks. That fact is only aided by its balance, 1.6-ounce weight, 5″ length, and the fact that it was made here in the USA. You could try to find a better EDC pen than this one, but we doubt you will.

Deployment Type: Screw-On Cap
Included Cartridge: Monteverde Rollerball

Purchase: $250

Benchmade 1100 Titanium Series Pen

Known for their everyday carry knives that brilliantly balance urban styling with tactical durability, Benchmade knows how to make a solid piece of pocketable gear. So it should come as no surprise that their 1100 Titanium Series pens are built to the exact same standards and with the exact same level of quality. Sturdy, beautiful, unique, and tough as nails, this is both a handy writing utensil and a self-defense weapon of the highest caliber. It’s also compatible with Fisher Space Pen refills and was made here in the USA.

Deployment Type: Click-On Cap
Included Cartridge: Fisher Space Pen

Purchase: $285

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