The GM6900G Is An Homage To One Of G-SHOCK's Most Iconic Watches

Celebrating the 25th Anniversary of the original DW6900.

Posted By Chris West


Sony Merges A Universal TV Remote & Wireless Bluetooth Smart Speaker

The Japanese electronics giant brings the remote into the modern age.

Posted By Tim Huber

Feb 14, 2020

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Airbus’ MAVERIC Experimental Aircraft Cuts In-Flight Fuel Consumption By 20%

A sleek, efficient design that promises unparalleled comfort for flyers.

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Samsung’s Galaxy Z Flip Is A Robust AMOLED FHD Folding Smartphone

Boasting an innovative Freestop system and Infinity Flex display.

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Samsung’s 5G Galaxy S20 Ultra Shoots 8K Video & Has A 108MP AI Camera

Alongside 1.5TB of storage, DSLR-level features, & 100x zoom.

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Stream 1,000+ Steam Games With NVIDIA’s Mac-Compatible Cloud-Based Service

An accessible service boasting 1,000 of today's most prominent games.

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Fujifilm’s 26MP X100V Is A Powerful Modern Camera In A Retro Package

Loaded with up-to-date tech in a vintage-style body.

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Now Anyone Can Buy Google’s New & Improved AR Glass 2 Headset

The hands-free HUD device with safety frames by Smith Optics.

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This Titanium iPhone 11 Pro Pairs Perfectly With Tesla’s Cybertruck

An opulent, angular upgrade for everyone's favorite smartphone.

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Dyson’s Sunlight-Simulating Smart Lamp Was Made To Last 60+ Years

High-tech lighting brightens up any room all day long.

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Stilo’s ST5VR VR Helmet Takes Racing Simulators To The Next Level

Boasting high-end atech to give drivers a feeling of unparalleled immersion.

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Eve Devices Unveils A 27″ Crowd-Developed Ultra-HD 4K Gaming Monitor

A trio of new gaming monitors born out of crowd-sourced feedback.

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iWorkCase’s MacBook Pro 16 Case Is Perfect For In-The-Field Designers

An all-in-one protective case for one of the genre's most used laptops.

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Garmin’s Tactix Delta Is A Rugged Mil-Spec Smartwatch Fit For A Navy SEAL Operation

With a Jumpmaster mode, Stealth Mode, and night-vision-goggle readability.

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This AR-Enabled Smart Contact Lens Boasts Live GPS & HUD-Style Data

All the functionality of Google Glass squeezed into a discreet contact lens.

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Leica Updates Its M10 Monochrom With A Powerful 40MP Black & White Sensor

The third generation of the German camera maker's black & white body.

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Roland Modernizes The Age-Old Piano With The Digital GPX-F1 Facet Concept

A digital concert grand piano concept that's straight out of the future.

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B&O Taps Danish Architects For The Sleek & Unique ‘Contrast Collection’

A collaborative eight-item collection marked by gorgeous finishes & materials.

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Sony’s Wireless Shooting Grip Is A Versatile Gimbal-Tripod For Photogs

Access movie recording, zoom, angle adjustment, and camera flip at the touch of a button.

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Sennheiser & Continental Created A ‘Speakerless’ Hi-Fi Car Stereo

A game-changing combination of AMBEO 3D tech with an Ac2ated sound system.

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Mophie’s Latest Portable Battery Is Powerful Enough To Jumpstart Your Car

But features a 65W output for your less-needy electronics.

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Razer Just Unveiled A Massive Fully-Immersive ERacing Driving Simulator

With a 128" curved full-HD display, a hand-crafted chassis, and more.