Luminox & Bear Grylls Made One Seriously Tough Travel Watch

Designed in part and approved by Bear Grylls himself.

Posted By Johnny Brayson


Microsoft’s Clever Conference Speaker Can Identify Up To 10 Unique Voices

It even supports language translation and can create meeting transcripts.

Posted By Gray Van Dyke

Mar 5, 2021

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Marshall’s Mode II Earbuds Marks Its First True Wireless In-Ear Headphones

A low-profile approach to the esteemed audio brand's signature sound.

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Microsoft Thoroughly Revolutionizes AR/VR Conferencing With Its ‘Mesh’ Program

Using AR headsets, avatars, & holographic projections to optimize communication.

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ViewSonic’s M2e Projector Can Focus & Format Instantly & Automatically

Instant auto-focus and automatic keystone correction make it possible.

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This Smart Wine Cellars Features A 7-Axis Robotic Arm & An AI Sommelier

A state-of-the-art wine storage & organization system for hardcore oenophiles.

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DJI Deploys A User-Friendly 87MPH 4K FPV Drone That Does 0-60 In 2 Seconds

Combining the performance of a racing drone with novice-friendly controls.

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Save Money Making Your Home Eco-Friendly With Project Solar’s DIY Service

Save thousands on your power needs while reducing your carbon footprint.

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Ring’s Video Doorbell Pro 2 Has Radar To Detect Potential Home Invaders

Gain more insight than ever into who visits your home.

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C Seed’s $400K ‘M1’ Is The World’s First-Ever 165-Inch Folding MicroLED TV

A feat that few (if any) other electronics manufacturers could hope to contest.

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Framework Built A Modular Laptop You Can Upgrade & Service Yourself

The customizable port system is a major innovation.

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Daniel Craig’s Limited Leica Camera Gets The James Bond Stamp Of Approval

Celebrating a shared loved of photography with esteemed shutterbug Greg Williams.

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Sony’s Full-Framed FX3 Is Now The Smallest Camera In Its Cinema Lineup

Making it perfect for amateur and solo filmmakers crewing their own shoots.

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This Hands-Free AR Headset Is Controlled Via A Brain-To-Computer Interface

Allowing for neuro-controlled operation and two-way communication.

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Benro’s Polaris Smart Tripod Head Instantly Turns You Into A Pro Photographer

Polaris offers both precise control and set it & forget it convenience.

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Huawei Taps Leica’s Lens Expertise For Its Quad-Cam Folding Mate X2 Smartphone

Including everything from a 50MP wide-angle to an 8MP SuperZoom lens.

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You Can Play Game Boy Video Games On Your HDTV With This Retro Console

Tetris & Pokemon on a 70-inch screen doesn't sound half bad.

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The Complete Guide To Apple Products

Everything you need to know about Macs, iPhones, AirPods, & more.

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Wyze’s 1,100-Lumen App-Controlled Smart Lights Turn 16M Different Colors

16 million colors courtesy of a handy app and no hub necessary.

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Sony Unveils The World’s First Laptop With A 3D-Molded Carbon Fiber Shell

A genuine monocoque construction notebook and VAIO's return to form.

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On-Ear vs. Over-Ear Headphones: Which Is Right For You?

Which type of portable audio device fits your lifestyle and preferences.

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Garmin’s 80-Hour Solar ‘Enduro’ GPS Watch Was Made For Ultramarathons

A smartwatch designed to support hardcore endurance junkies.