Boston Dynamics’ 3MPH IP54-Rated Spot Robot Dog Can Be Yours

Seeming to come straight from horror sci-fi series Black Mirror, this canine-like machine that was introduced two years ago is being unleashed. Fortunately, it’s not built with a kill-mode to take out the human race. Boston Dynamics’ Spot Robot Dog is an intelligent machine that can be of great assistance to many companies.

With a top speed of 3mph, the runtime of 90 minutes on a single charge, and a swappable battery, man’s best metal friend can help your company run smoothly. It uses 360° stereo cameras and sensors to avoid obstacles, is IP54-rated, which means it can survive in dusty and wet environments and has a payload capacity of 31 pounds. The robotic dog has four hardware modules on its back, allowing you to swap in the appropriate skills it needs to carry out specific tasks. It can execute a variety of tasks, including opening doors, inspecting rooms, and carrying equipment. The fully-programmable four-legged machine will be now be working in the real world.

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