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12 Best Wireless Chargers For iPhone 8 And iPhone X

One of Apple’s greatest strengths is that they are constantly at the forefront of innovation. Or at least that’s true most of the time. In the case of wireless charging, however, they’re actually a little bit late to the game. Still, they’ve righted the ship with the announcement that both iterations of the iPhone 8 and the X will feature Qi-compatible charging.

This does, however, spell trouble for anyone that just came to terms with the abandonment of the headphone jack in favor of the multi-purpose Lightning port – because it means you’re going to have to get all-new equipment if you want to pick up one of the new phones and make use of the new technology. And with Apple having not yet released their own charge pad, finding one that works with your new iPhone can be an annoying and, perhaps, difficult endeavor. Lucky for you, we’ve done the legwork and put together the following list of the 12 best wireless chargers for your new iPhone 8, 8 Plus, or X.

Choetech Qi Wireless Charge Pad

Quick. Easy. Cheap. That’s what you’ll get out of the Choetech Qi Wireless Charge Pad. And, honestly, for most people that’s more than enough. This simple device is compatible with a whole host of Qi-enabled devices – including the new iPhones, but not the Apple Watch – is sleek and small for out-of-the-way tactile charging, and won’t come anywhere near breaking the bank.

Purchase: $12

Pleson Qi Wireless Charge Pad

If you’re looking for pure portability and an out-of-the-way profile, the super slim Pleson Qi Wireless Charge Pad should jump up to the top of your list. This 0.25″ thick charger is perfect for anyone on the go with little room to spare. In fact, it’s small enough that you could even add it as a part of your everyday carry if you’re worried that you’ll go through too much juice on any given day. It’s also got a sleep-friendly LED indicator light that shuts off when your phone is done charging – allowing you to rest easy.

Purchase: $13

Pleson Qi Wireless Charge Stand

Not too keen on slapping your phone down on the desk in order for it to charge? Well, with Pleson’s Qi Wireless Charge Stand, you don’t have to. This Qi charger will keep your phone elevated and accessible, so you can access all your favorite apps, movies, games, or whatever else while your device is charging. It even continues charging if you want to turn your phone on its side for better movie-watching.

Purchase: $19

Nanami Fast Charge Qi Wireless Charge Stand

Similar in format to the Pleson stand, this one from Nanami offers much of the same capabilities, but in a package that’s a little more sci-fi modern. It’s also available in both black and white, so you can cater its style to match the rest of the gear in your office. Furthermore, the addition of multi-color LED indicator lights lets you know exactly how charged your device is without having to take it off the charger or hit any of the buttons. And, lastly, it offers safe-charge protection, keeping your devices from overheating and will not waste any excess power.

Purchase: $20

Turbot 3-Coil Qi Charge Stand

With looks that are sleek, simple, and straightforward, the Turbot 3-Coil Qi Charge Stand offers a wider charge base than its competitors, giving you a better and quicker charge with less importance placed on the orientation of your device. It also features an ergonomic design ideal for accessing your phone while you sit at your desk, features an intelligent LED indicator system to let you know whether your phone is placed correctly for optimal charging and the level of charge, and works through most phone cases (though, if you have a thicker ruggedized case, you may want to remove it prior to charging).

Purchase: $20

Anker Wireless Qi Charge Pad

Anker makes some of the most reliable portable batteries available on the market, so it should come as no surprise that their expertise extends into the world of tactile Qi charging. This simple charge pad is as straightforward as they come, offering superb temperature control, a wide effective area, and LED indicator lights to let you know the status of your device.

Purchase: $20

Anker Wireless Qi Fast-Charge Pad

A bit on the higher end, this Anker Qi pad offers up much faster charging than the brand’s simpler options. In fact, it will charge your iPhone at a rate of up to 2 times the speed of competitors. It also offers temperature control, surge protection, short-circuit protection, and has a simple LED indicator light, as well.

Purchase: $26

Belkin Qi Wireless Charge Pad

Belkin, the electronics accessory brand, has been around for a very long time – and with good reason: their tech offerings are incredibly sound. So it’s safe to depend on them even when it comes to relatively new technology – like Qi wireless charging. This super slim pad promises to function well and looks good enough that you won’t be embarrassed to keep it out on your desk. And it’s slim enough that you could stash it in your commuter backpack and haul it from home to the office every day.

Purchase: $40

Mophie Wireless Charge Base

Endorsed directly by Apple, Mophie’s Wireless Charge Base is admittedly a jump up in price from those lower on this list, but is absolutely worth the extra scratch, thanks to the guaranteed compatibility with Apple’s iPhone 8, 8 Plus, and X. It also offers a speed of 7.5W for super fast charging, has a non-slip rubberized coating, and is also compatible with Mophie’s other Qi-compatible devices (like their battery iPhone case).

Purchase: $60

Belkin Boost Up Wireless Charge Pad

The second of two wireless charge pads that is directly endorsed by Apple, Belkin’s Boost Up was specifically designed to charge up the new iPhone 8, 8 Plus, and X. And that means you’re guaranteed to get the best and quickest charge for your Apple products when you use it. It’s also designed for use without needing to remove your phone from its case, has an LED indicator to let you know your tech is correctly aligned, and won’t ever overheat or shut down prematurely.

Purchase: $60

Samsung Fast Charge Wireless Stand

Though Apple has just joined the wireless charging trend, Samsung has been doing it for quite some time now. In fact, they’re at the top of the Qi charging game – hence why their Fast Charge Wireless Stand has garnered a spot on our list. The best part is, with Qi charging it doesn’t matter whether you have an Apple iPhone and a Samsung charger – it still works either way. So, if you want the best and quickest wireless power and aren’t too picky about brand-crossing, this is your best bet.

Purchase: $65

Ikea Riggad Qi Wireless Charge Lamp

Multi-functionality is the name of the game with Ikea’s Riggad charge lamp. Offering the usefulness of a desk lamp – likely something you’ll already want on your work or home desk – with the added benefit of a Qi charge pad built-into the lamp’s base, this is one of the few wireless chargers out there that does more than just juice up your phone.

Purchase: $70

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