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Aug 6, 2018

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The white t-shirt has long been the Robin to denim jeans’ Batman. Less celebrated but just as essential, this long-time mainstay in every guy’s wardrobe is the perfect pick for a pared-down outfit. The ubiquity of these garments, however, have given the false impression that they’re all created equally.

Yeah, sure, many of these shirts may look very similar with their stark white fabric and simple construction. Few, however, fit the same. Like Levi’s jeans, each style has a different feel and character. While it may not be noticeable to everyone you meet, each shirt has a variant feel that you can’t help but take note of when you wear it. Sometimes it’s just the fabric, sometimes it’s the cut, and other times it’s both. To help guide you through this world of seemingly-similar garments, we pulled together a list of what we think are some of the best white t-shirts for men on the market today.

Everlane Cotton Crew

When it comes to men’s basics, Everlane is really one of the best brands out there. Not only do they do a great job pulling together great garments, but they keep their prices low enough to make their clothing truly affordable. This particular shirt from the online men’s shop is made right here in the U.S.A out of a combed cotton and features a simple crew-neck design. Ideal for summer, it has a lightweight feel to it that will only get softer and more breezy over time.

Fabric: Combed Cotton
Made: U.S.A

Purchase: $16

Los Angeles Apparel Short Sleeve Garment Dye Pocket T-Shirt

American Apparel may be a completely different animal now, but its original founder and owner is still hard at work building top-quality men’s basics. Take this pocket t-shirt for example. Cut from a 6.5-ounce American-made cotton fabric in Los Angeles, this shirt has a heavy, structured look to it that’s 100% shrink free. It doesn’t hurt that you can get the shirt for a relatively low price, too.

Fabric: Cotton
Made: U.S.A.

Purchase: $26

Buck Mason Slub Curved Hem Tee

We’re incredibly fond of the team over at Buck Mason. For as long as they’ve been around, the company has been producing some of the best clothing out there for guys. The reason for their consistency over the years? A dedication to making their clothing right here in the U.S.A. This has meant they’ve had a better handle on quality control, as well as a more manageable supply line. As a result, things like their incredibly comfortable slub cotton t-shirt have consistently been named the best by just about every publication of note out there. The light, textured fabric created by low-tension looms makes for a breezy fit, while the simple crew-neck gives it a classic look.

Fabric: Slub Cotton
Made: U.S.A.

Purchase: $28

Richer Poorer Mid-weight Crew Tee

The trend in the early ‘aughts was to have slimmer-fitting, tight t-shirts made from cotton and polyester blends. This trend, mainly pioneered by American Apparel, has given way to a more classic, boxy look. Richer Poorer captures this new style perfectly with their Midweight Crew Tee. Designed to drape from the shoulders a little more, this white tee is made from a pure organic cotton fabric, features a breast pocket and a look worth wearing every day.

Fabric: Organic Cotton
Made: U.S.A.

Purchase: $38

Norse Projects Niels Cotton-Jersey T-Shirt

One thing the team at Norse Projects knew they didn’t want to have happen with this t-shirt of theirs was a kind of warping or misshaping. So to help fight the sands of time, Norse projects decided to cut this white t-shirt from a thick cotton jersey. This way, even after repeated wear, it still retains its original, clean shape. A solid grab for those looking to keep their basics as clean as they are minimalist.

Fabric: White Cotton-Jersey
Made: N/A – Imported

Purchase: $60

Save Khaki United Supima Cotton-Jersey T-Shirt

A simple thing done well is rarely simple. That’s why there are so many white t-shirts out there, but so few tees really worth the money they ask you to pay for them. This white t-shirt from Save Khaki United is decidedly not among the latter group. Made from a Supima cotton, it is incredibly comfortable to wear either casually on the weekend, or under more formal dress.

Fabric: Supima Cotton-Jersey
Made: N/A – Imported

Purchase: $60

Saturdays NYC Randall Pima T-Shirt

Saturdays NYC could’ve highlighted just about anything they wanted to when talking about their white t-shirt. What they chose to focus on? The unique pima cotton it is cut from. Two years ago in 2016, Saturdays NYC changed gears and decided to make their basics collection from nothing other than this fabric. This type of cotton has an extra long staple that can be woven into a stronger, longer lasting fabric. As a result, you can expect this white t-shirt from the brand to be not only incredibly comfortable, but something you can throw on for years to come.

Fabric: Pima Cotton-Jersey
Made: N/A – Imported

Purchase: $65

Levi’s 1950s Sportswear T-Shirt

It is more than fitting that the folks over at Levi’s have decided to roll out a white sportswear t-shirt inspired by those that were worn with their denim back in the 1950s. The shirt is made in a more boxy style and features short sleeves that sit high on the arm. The shirt’s changes are subtle enough to indicate to both the wearer and anyone else looking at it that it’s a little different – but not enough to draw unwanted attention.

Fabric: Cotton
Made: N/A – Imported

Purchase: $88

Sunspel Riviera Cotton-Mesh T-Shirt

It’s not often you get to put on a shirt that was, from the very outset, designed to be worn by James Bond. Knitted from a double twisted long staple cotton that was passed over a lit flame in order to remove any loose strands, the shirt is a truly high-end and incredibly comfortable garment. The only downside? Neither Bond watches nor a license to kill are included with purchase.

Fabric: Cotton
Made: Imported

Purchase: $105

Brunello Cucinelli Slim-Fit Layered Cotton Jersey

Feel like you need to one-up every guy at the ballpark? This may be the white t-shirt for you. Cut from a cotton jersey it has a heathered look and feel to it that’s soft to the touch and as comfortable as can be. The layered quality tops it off with a more substantial fit and feel.

Fabric: Cotton
Made: Italy

Purchase: $325

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