The 15 Best Style Gifts Under $50

Paying top dollar to keep up with the latest fashion trends can be exhausting. Similar to technology, new garments flow out each season to brush aside the previous season’s styles, making it costly and tiring to always keep up with the next big looks. Luckily for your dapper nearest-and-dearest, there is a wide array of affordable fashion-forward gifts that are sure to put a smile on their face this holiday season without busting your wallet. So without further ado, we present to you a guide full of some ideal garments to hand over this December that are plenty stylish while costing under 50 bucks.

‘Dapper Dan: Made in Harlem’ Memoir

The fashion world has seen many memorable faces and figures, but few can boast the same bravado of Dapper Dan. Dive into his inspirational journey along countless walks of life through his memoir.

Purchase: $17+

Art of Play Eames Playing Cards

To keep your friend’s upcoming holiday party in tune with the remainder of his presumably upscale aesthetics, this set of eco-friendly Eames Playing Cards from Art of Play guarantees to take game night up a notch.

Purchase: $18

Flint and Tinder Fair Isle Socks

There are few holiday gifts more redundant than an over-the-top sweater neighbored by a pair of boring socks. Luckily for you, Flint & Tinder can liven up the latter with these festively warm socks mindfully crafted from recycled cotton.

Purchase: $22

Baxter of California Cream Pomade

The style below the neck is one thing, but keeping things spiffy atop your head is a game of its own. Thanks to the West Coast-based Baxter of California, whoever you wrap this top-notch pomade for can look forward to an absence of bad hair days through 2022.

Purchase: $23

Deso Supply Co. Beanie

Swap out your friend’s old Carhartt beanie with a different, but similar, U.S.A.-made stretchy piece of headwear.

Purchase: $26+

Drunk Elephant Beste Jelly Cleanser

As one of the purest facial cleansers on the market, Drunk Elephant’s No. 9 is entirely vegan and will leave your skin unbelievably bright.

Purchase: $32

Côte&Ciel Black Recycled Leather Wallet

This subtle, eco-cognizant wallet was made in Paris, going to show that something so fashionable has no excuse for being on sale for less than $40. Equipped with a pair of zippers and a cardholder, it’s plenty versatile too.

Purchase: $34

Taylor Stitch Cotton Hemp Tee

There aren’t many necessities on wishlists around this time of year, as the holiday season is primarily filled to the brim with wants. With that in mind, a plain white t-shirt is always essential, and Taylor Stitch delivers on a mix of cotton and hemp to provide the ideal one.

Purchase: $35

Calvin Klein Cotton Boxer Brief: 5-Pack

Is there any name in the affordable undergarment community more prominent than Calvin Klein? Absolutely not, and there are countless commercials to thank for that when your giftee is thanking you.

Purchase: $36+

UNIQLO Merino Wool Cardigan

Few things go hand-in-hand with the wintertime better than a cozy cardigan, and UNIQLO crafts one from pure merino wool that garners a genuinely unmatched price tag. Available in a wide variety of colors, tailor it to your friend’s liking.

Purchase: $40

Nike Sportswear Club Fleece Sweats

Whether it’s working from home or simply sitting by the fire, few garments are more ideal around this time of year than a cozy new pair of fleece sweatpants. Keep those closest to you those warmest, as well.

Purchase: $45

Aesop The Forager Kit

There are few names, if any, in the self-care circle that parallel Aesop across the board. Their Forager kit is made up of a body cleanser and body balm that anybody could put to use and appreciate.

Purchase: $45

Hestra Basic Wool Gloves

A good pair of insulated gloves is essential around this time of year, and one of your friends is surely in need of a couple of mitts. On top of that, Hestra uses Shetland wool for their basic pair, providing a luxury feel at a fraction of the cost.

Purchase: $45

TAION Basic Down Scarf

This luxuriously warm scarf will spark up a ton of conversation whether you’re out on the slopes or walking into your friend’s door before you get too warm and have to take it off.

Purchase: $50

Stormy Kromer Insulated Waxed Cotton Cap

Very few things say that winter is here more than a hat suitable for the season, and for this, it’s best to look at one of the more renowned names around. The Stormy Kromer cap is legendary and takes on an ideal cold-weather makeover with this insulated rendition.

Purchase: $50

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