The 20 Best Men’s Scarves You Can Buy in 2022

Photo: Aether Cashmere

There are a number of clothing items that we can utilize to stay warm in the wintertime, and among them, larger, more substantial garments like jackets, pants, boots, and beanies often steal the show. Regardless of their importance, we believe that every piece of a well-put-together ensemble is essential, including, but not limited to, the scarf.

As one of the most timeless yet oft-forgotten pieces in the menswear world, these established wraps have helped to protect guys everywhere from the dangers of winter. Whether they’re crafted from durable, water-repellent materials, feature wind-abating knits, or boast lavish, comfortable fabrics like cashmere, these sartorial staples have stood as a symbol of functional, fashionable utility for centuries, making them an attractive addition to any guy’s arsenal. Below, we’ve outlined a significant selection of the industry’s foremost examples, calling upon established names like A.P.C., Paul Smith, Pendleton, and Moncler, alongside smaller, more intimate brands like United By Blue, Aether, and Norse Projects, to create the quintessential listing of this season’s best protectors.

United By Blue Chevron Recycled

United By Blue often strikes the perfect balance between conscious form and function, so when it comes to smaller and more unassuming clothing pieces, we expect that they’re up-to-date on all of the latest trends. That seems to be the case with the brand’s Chevron Recycled scarf, which utilizes a handsomely-applied birdseye rib knit, and calls upon a recycled polyester, nylon, wool, and spandex blend to ensure that sustainability remains at the forefront.

Purchase: $68

Paul Smith Zebra

Paul Smith stands atop our list of essential menswear brands, and their approach to winterized accessories is no exception. This tasteful scarf boasts a classic silhouette that practically oozes nostalgia, thanks to its zebra appliqué, pure lambswool construction, and fringed trim, which harkens back to the iconic wrap-arounds of yesteryear.

Purchase: $70

POLO RALPH LAUREN Black Signature Wool

It’s not often that we include POLO RALPH LAUREN on our style lists, but the design-savvy company has truly outdone itself with the Black Signature Wool scarf. If you’re looking for a high-end winter piece that’s surprisingly affordable, this handsome offering boasts a 100% wool construction, fringed detailing, and iconic logo embroidery, letting everyone know that you’re a part of the inner circle.

Purchase: $75

CARHARTT WIP Black Wool Crew

CARHARTT WIP’s technical approach to everyday clothing hasn’t stopped it from crafting some premium style pieces, and with the brand’s Black Wool Crew scarf, you can rest assured that you’ll stand out from the crowd. That’s not to say that the accessory isn’t as warm as they come, either, since it utilizes a soft, but durable 100% brushed wool construction, textile logos, and classic fringed detailing.

Purchase: $75

Fjallraven Solid Re-Wool

Fjallraven’s arctic fox isn’t just a mascot, it’s emblematic of the brand’s resilience when facing the winter elements. Fortunately, it doesn’t lose sight of its mission with smaller niche items, including this Solid Re-Wool scarf. This adaptable variant boasts an interesting fabric that’s both warm and odor-resistant, while also being sourced from a number of Italian wool industry spills. That being said, it’s recycled wool construction won’t leave you out in the cold, thanks to its inherent softness.

Purchase: $75

Upstate Stock Melange Ragg

Upstate Stock takes pride in its modern reinterpretations of classic menswear items, and the Melange Ragg scarf is no exception. This basic knit features a beautifully-realized finish, courtesy of the brand’s lauded American ragg wool, and comes pre-washed/dried for a worn-in feel, right off the shelf. Plus, its heritage within the world of workwear ensures that it’s one of the more durable (and capable) offerings on our list, with each example crafted in the brand’s utilitarian-savvy New York studio.

Purchase: $75

Pendleton Men’s Jacquard Muffler

Pendelton is as legendary as it gets when it comes to heritage menswear, and that means that you’ll be able to expect the same quality, commitment, and comfort from something as small as its Jacquard Muffler. This stylish scarf features a handsomely-knit, 100% wool construction to keep it applicable during the colder months, and features a number of unique Pendleton patterns to maintain its timelessness.

Purchase: $80

Everlane Men’s Cashmere

Everlane is one of our favorite places to grab last-minute style essentials at an affordable price, so when we were looking for the perfect wrappable accessory this holiday season, we made sure to check out their stock. As it turns out, the brand’s Cashmere scarf struck our fancy, offering a classic, simplified silhouette that’s crafted from comfortable, 100% Grade-A material.

Purchase: $98

Patagonia Recycled Cashmere

Patagonia’s Recycled Cashmere is exactly what it seems. It’s an outdoor-inspired model that’s been catered toward camping and hiking, as opposed to its more urban counterparts. Because of this, it’s been crafted with a simplified structure, forgoing frilliness and fringed edges for a more blocky appeal and pre-consumer recycled materials. If you’re looking for a conscious option that you’ll be able to sport for a night on the town or an evening around the campfire, this one‘s for you.

Purchase: $100

Norse Projects Lambswool

Norse Projects’ Lambswool scarf is a testament to the brand’s unique design terminology, integrating technical styling with a number of premium, high-end materials. Luckily, this tasteful winter warmer doesn’t stray from that path, thanks to its cozy Italian lambswool construction, tasseled detailing, and extra-fine knit.

Purchase: $130

Wills Cashmere Ribbed

Wills isn’t a brand that we feature often, but the outfit’s aesthetically-pleasing Cashmere Ribbed scarf was too good to pass up. Since the premium fabric has always been a symbol of status, the company has taken it upon themselves to create the perfect winter wrap for guys who don’t want to spend an arm and a leg for their stylish accessories, sourcing their superfine textiles from Mongolia’s Zalla Jinst goats. After it’s acquired through meticulous, artisanal hand-combing, it’s transported to Italy, where it’s handspun into yarn to act as the basis for this natural, odor-blocking essential.

Purchase: $140

Canada Goose Woven Logo

Canada Goose’s Woven Logo scarf takes the lavish principle behind one of the world’s foremost expeditionary style brands and adapts it to create an appetizing Woven Logo example. Not only does this tasteful scarf feature a high-end Merino wool construction for natural odor-fighting, sweat-wicking, and water-repelling qualities, but it’s also extremely lightweight, offering wearers exceptional warmth at a fraction of the heft that they’ll find in other, more robust peripherals.

Purchase: $150

PAUL SMITH Black Artist Stripe

Paul Smith steals another spot on our list with this authentic Black Artist Stripe scarf — an Italian-made offering that calls upon the principles of vintage outerwear to create something that’s a bit more eye-catching than its counterparts. Thanks to its virgin wool construction, silk-blend herringbone, and five-color stripe, this designer accessory will fit right in alongside your more eccentric winter ensembles, providing warmth, protection, and confidence as you traverse the city streets.

Purchase: $150

Aether Cashmere

Aether’s Cashmere scarf is a technical offering that pulls a large amount of its inspiration from the brand’s expeditionary pieces. As such, it takes on a clean, utilitarian look that will act as a barrier between you and the inclement elements, thanks to its plush, 100% cashmere construction, reversible, two-layer design, and reinforced Jersey stitching, throughout. Since subtlety is key, the brand’s woven logo appears close to its edge, illuminating its wearer’s adventurous spirit.

Purchase: $165

Paul Smith Fringed Colour-Block

Paul Smith makes its final appearance on our list with the Fringed Colour-Block. This playful specimen trades simplicity for something a bit more rambunctious, incorporating a bright polka-dot pattern, tonal shading, and fringed edges to set it apart from its more serious peers. To finish things off, the brand has called upon a naturally-insulated cashmere construction to ensure that it’ll stand up to winter’s piercing winds.

Purchase: $175

Acne Studios Canada

Acne Studios has a knack for taking the simplest of objects and making them noteworthy. If you’re looking for a high-end designer piece that offers the perfect amount of “pizzazz,” without going overboard in terms of branding or artwork, you’ll be happy to hear that this Italian mainstay features a larger, more robust knit, 100% pure wool construction, and fringed edges, keeping it in-line with the heritage offerings from which it was derived.

Purchase: $180

A.P.C. Lambswool Ribbed

Like Acne Studios, A.P.C.’s ability to create something from nothing has made it a legendary name within the menswear space. The same can be said for the brand’s Lambswool Ribbed scarf, which adopts a refined and elegant architecture to bring wearers one of the industry’s most adored offerings. Whether you’re searching for an adaptable piece that works well for more formal outings, or a quick wrap-around that can accompany you to the park, this Merino wool/Cashmere staple is a testament to discreet style.

Purchase: $190

The North Face Reversible Sherpa

The North Face isn’t known for its high-end style items, which makes the inclusion of the brand’s Reversible Sherpa wrap even more interesting. While it’s not referred to as a traditional scarf, it’s surely able to be used as such, thanks to its comfortable wool mix sherpa fleece. But you didn’t expect it to end there, right? To give it that North Face feel, the brand has integrated a 100% nylon ripstop material for increased durability, as well as an ultra-cozy goose down fill for increased protection against the elements.

Purchase: $265

Burberry Wool Cashmere

It’s true that Burberry stands head and shoulders above other brands in terms of luxuriousness, and that doesn’t change when it comes to something as simple as a fringed scarf. The outfit’s established Wool Cashmere offering boasts a hearty mixture of materials that remain in-line with a number of the other offerings on our list, but thanks to its checkered exterior, fringed edges, and Burberry lineage, it commands a much higher price.

Purchase: $315

Moncler Logo-Appliquéd Virgin Wool

We’re rounding out our list with the Moncler Logo-Appliquéd Virgin Wool scarf — a tightly-ribbed offering that embodies an aura of essential classiness. While simple, this knitted mainstay features an ultra-soft black virgin wool, a simplified, fringeless design, and an appliquéd designer emblem at its edge, providing wearers with the bare essentials in terms of winterized wear.

Purchase: $350

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