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The 12 Best Pry Tools For Everyday Carry

Photo: Griffin Pocket Tool

Those that are familiar with EDC multi-tools are probably also familiar with the relatively short list of commonly-included functions — including things like a hex driver, bottle opener, knife blade or cutting edge, and (of course) the pry bar. However, the latter function usually seems like an afterthought, rather than a real intended function. And we think that’s a shame, as a well-built pry tool can be immensely useful in the right context and even has alternative functionalities people might find themselves relying upon more if their pry bar was better-constructed.

That includes — obviously — the ability to pluck nails out of a board, open paint cans, and even separating two stuck-together objects (like pesky LEGO blocks). But these devices can also be used to open packages, scour surfaces, work as an ad-hoc wedge, and whatever else you can imagine. The following collection is comprised primarily of EDC multi-tools, however, these ones were made with that pry bar as a primary feature rather than an afterthought. If you’re the type to see the value in such a tool, this list of the best pry tools for everyday carry is sure to have something you’ll want to add to your loadout on it.

Gerber Shard

One of the brand’s most enduring offerings, the Gerber Shard is a tiny EDC titan with a long history of serving happy customers. Yes, a part of that is due to how inexpensive it is, but the credit also belongs to its durable and tough stainless steel construction, the seven included tools, and its remarkably small footprint — weighing just 0.6oz and measuring up at 2.75″ at its longest point. If bang-for-your-buck value is important in your EDC loadout, go no further than the Gerber Shard.

Material: Stainless Steel
Length: 2.75″
Weight: 0.6oz

Purchase: $6

Kershaw PT-2

Gerber isn’t the only big-name EDC brand delving into the pry tool game, as evidenced by Kershaw’s extensive lineup of keychain multi-tools. The best of them, at least from a pry bar functionality perspective, is probably the PT-2 you see here. This ultralight EDC multi-tool boasts a stainless steel and nylon construction, over eight built-in functions (including a hex wrench, bottle opener, Philips driver, and more), and a weight of just 0.8 ounces total. If you like the Gerber Shard, but you want something a little different with even more functionality, try out the PT-2.

Material: Stainless Steel & Nylon
Length: 3.75″
Weight: 0.8oz

Purchase: $8

COUNTYCOMM Titanium Widgy Pry Bar

Not everyone needs an exhaustive multi-tool in their repertoire. For some, in fact, it’s better to just have a single, superb piece of function-focused gear — which is exactly what you’ll find in the COUNTYCOMM Titanium Widgy Pry Bars. Available in 2-4″ lengths, each of these devices is limited to just 500 units and they’re all made from ultra-durable, lightweight titanium. Ideal for pulling up nails, removing staples, and even opening boxes, these are some of the best purpose-driven pry bars out there, period.

Material: Titanium
Length: 2-4″
Weight: 0.2-0.4oz

Purchase: $17+


This skeletonized keychain multi-tool from CRKT is crafted from solid stainless steel and, on top of functioning beautifully as a pry bar, also boasts screwdriver, multi-wrench, and bottle opener functionality. It’s a simple and beautiful single-piece multi-tool that excels at the tasks for which it was designed. Furthermore, it’s small and lightweight enough that you could attach it to your keychain without incident and it wouldn’t hinder your day-to-day activity — but it will provide a boost when you’re in need of some problem-solving tools.

Material: Stainless Steel
Length: 3.99″
Weight: 1.1oz

Purchase: $18

Griffin Pocket Tool

There is not a one-size-fits-all multi-tool that’s perfect for everyone. And that’s probably why the Griffin Pocket Tool comes in a trio of different sizes — with a slightly different complement of functions therein. For those who prefer ultra-compact keychain tools, they have one as small as 2″ in length. Conversely, the XL edition is 4.3″ in length. Similarly, they’re also offered in your choice of stainless steel or titanium and have a full suite of functions therein. Of course, the best of the tools is probably the pry bar, which is thick and hefty and perfect for a variety of prying tasks.

Material: Stainless Steel or Titanium
Length: 2-4.3″
Weight: 0.5-2.29oz

Purchase: $20+

Boker Plus 09BO310 Access Prying Tool

Boker’s Access Prying tool is, obviously, a pry bar first and foremost. But it also has a few other noteworthy things going for it. For instance, it can be attached to a keychain or can clip onto your belt loop or MOLLE-ready backpack courtesy of its built-in carabiner clip. Furthermore, it is built from solid titanium and also boasts bottle opener, shackle opener, and glass-breaker functionality. And that makes this a mighty purpose-driven EDC device.

Material: Titanium
Length: 6″
Weight: 0.69oz

Purchase: $35

TEC Accessories Ti-Pry Titanium Tool

Made in the USA from solid titanium, the TEC Accessories Ti-Pry titanium tool is kind of like a skeleton key — in that it can open just about anything you need it to with minimal effort on your part. Of course, while it’s pry bar-focused, that’s not all it has going for it. For instance, on the tail end, it also boasts a carbide glass-breaker tip that’s suitable for emergency usage. It also has a handy pocket clip, an ergonomic grip, and more.

Material: Titanium
Length: 3.94″
Weight: 0.95oz

Purchase: $47

The James Brand Halifax Keychain Multi-Tool

Masters of combining sound functionality with beautiful design, The James Brand never ceases to impress — and that hasn’t changed in the case of their Halifax Keychain Multi-Tool. This simple, single-piece device is crafted from solid titanium, is as tough and useful as it is beautiful and ergonomic, and it boasts 4+ built-in features — which range from a pry bar to an integrated bottle opener and more. Rather than doing 20 different things poorly, this tool focuses on doing just a small handful extremely well.

Material: Titanium
Length: 2.875″
Weight: 1.58oz

Purchase: $50

Prometheus Design Werx PB&J Tool

If the brand name Prometheus Design Werx doesn’t sound familiar and/or isn’t on your radar, now is the time to change that. From ultra-tough performance apparel to exceptional EDC tools, PDW is a force to be reckoned with. They even make one of the most impressive pry bar-focused EDC multi-tools around in their PB&J you see here. This titanium tool has an integrated carabiner clip with a spring-loaded gate, 9+ built-in functions, and it even won a “Top 5” award from the folks at Carryology.

Material: Titanium
Length: 4.5″
Weight: 1.37oz

Purchase: $79

Big Idea Design TPT Slide

It might not look like it thanks to its minimalist exterior design, but the Big Idea Design TPT Slide actually has 10 built-in functions that include a pry bar, utility knife, dual drivers, a hex bit driver, and so much more. Furthermore, it’s built from super-sturdy titanium and has a stainless steel insert that’s replaceable should you ever need to. Perhaps most impressively, however, is that it is fully TSA-compliant, making it excellent as a multi-functional EDC travel tool.

Material: Titanium
Length: 3″
Weight: 1oz

Purchase: $80

Ti2 Design Bond-Vox HALO Titanium Carabiner

As it turns out, one of the best pry bars for EDC isn’t explicitly a pry bar at all. Rather, it’s a keychain carabiner that just happens to have an exceptional multi-tool design, with a pry bar as one of its focal points. Designed by Mike Bond and Jesper Voxnaes — both expert craftsmen in their own right — the HALO carabiner is built from solid titanium (although there are other versions, if Ti doesn’t suit your fancy), has 7+ built-in functions (including a beefy pry bar at the base), and was built tough enough to survive the apocalypse and keep right on going.

Material: Titanium
Length: 1.5″
Weight: 1.16oz

Purchase: $80

Rexford RUT V4 Titanium Utility Tool

Todd Rexford has proven time and time again that he is an exceptional knife and everyday carry tool designer and craftsman. And with each iteration of his exceptional offerings, that proof is further cemented. If money is no object and you want one of the absolute best utility tools around, turn to the Rexford RUT V4 titanium utility tool you see here. Crafted in the USA and designed to last multiple lifetimes, this Gallantry exclusive works as a pry bar, utility knife, bottle opener, and more — and it looks damn good all the while.

Material: Titanium
Length: 3.5″
Weight: 0.8oz

Purchase: $179

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