15 Best Portable Waterproof Speakers

Aug 7, 2018

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With summer in full swing, you’ll likely be seeking out your oasis of choice to escape the heat. Whether that’s the beach, or the pool (or the backyard slip ‘n slide, for those whose access to water is rather limited), one should never have to leave the tunes behind. The summer is the time for dancing (in the street), and having your speaker wherever you go is essential.

We’ve reached a point in our technological evolution that a little bit of water ought never to slow us down. Keep your summer adventures flowing by getting yourself a portable waterproof speaker. Check out this list of the best portable waterproof speakers, and never let a little moisture mean the swan song for your summer plans.

Oontz Angle 3

Engineered by Cambridge SoundWorks, the Oontz Angle 3 packs plenty of sound in a portable package. Rain Proof, Splash Proof, and Shower Proof, the Angle 3 is extremely lightweight yet durable, perfect for any venue and easily tucked away in your beach bag. Whether its resting horizontally or standing vertically, the Angle 3 is loud and easy to connect via bluetooth, and totally splash proof.

Purchase: $28

Anker SoundCore Sport

Anker is a trusted name in portable tech, and their SoundCore Sport is as reliable as we expect. With an IPX7 Waterproof Rating, the Soundcore Pro isn’t just immune to water, but to sand, dust, and whatever other sediment that’s blown in its path. Highly portable, this little Anker speaker will never anchor you down. Clip it onto your bag or bicycle, and ride out.

Purchase: $30


Designed to be powerfully water proof – surviving an immersion up to 1 meter for 30 minutes underwater – this AOMAIS speaker is also mud proof, shockproof, rainproof, even snowproof. Built with noise/wind reduction technology, the structure of the Sport II speaker has a cavity built in to enhance the sound for premium acoustic capabilities.

Purchase: $35

Lifeproof Aquaphonics

Lifeproof is known for its ultra-durable, extremely rugged phone, tablet and computer cases. They’ve thrown their hat into the speaker ring with their Aquaphonics rugged speaker, built to last through any conditions – no matter how wet. It comes with its own clip-on carabiner for ultimate portability. This super compact Lifeproof speaker will be very difficult to break, no matter how clumsy you are.

Purchase: $60

UE Wonderboom

Bass-heavy, and offering a 3D sound experience, the UE Wonderboom offers 10 hours of uninterrupted music playing in a bite-sized speaker that promises never to succumb to whatever splashes its way. Plus, if you or a friend brings along another Wonderboom, the speakers will wirelessly connect for an even bigger sound.

Purchase: $70

Braven BRV-1M

This Braven speaker certainly looks the part when it comes to toughness. The sheer metal grill over the speaker and strong construction are good representations of the BRV-1M’s durability. The shockproof exterior is made of durable rubber, and comes with an also durable Action Mount that allows users to affix the BRV-1M to your GoPro. The perfect speaker for your adventures, the BRV-1M is the perfect snowboarding and surfing companion.

Purchase: $70

SkullCandy Barricade BT Speaker

While Skullcandy is widely known for its headphones, they offer a waterproof speaker that is plenty of bang for its buck. Able to survive three feet under water, the Barricade BT Speaker is also naturally buoyant. Keep it floating on the surface of the water (of the pool, not the ocean) and keep your tunes as proximal as possible this summer.

Purchase: $80

Fugoo Sport

All the speakers on the list are built to last, but the FUGOO Sport is the only one that can stay alive for an entire work week. With a 40-hour battery life, the FUGOO sport will not get fatigued fast, and with a sturdy build and drivers that face all directions, you’ll get the complete audio experience in this durable little speaker.

Purchase: $90

OutdoorTech Turtle Shell 3.0

The brutally handsome design of the OutdoorTech Turtle Shell 3.0 does not bely shoddy technology underneath. The attractive speaker doubles as a 3600 mAh power bank, allowing you to charge up while you connect. Priding itself on its loud drivers and audiophile quality sound, this speaker is totally handsome and exceptionally functional.

Purchase: $100

Bose Soundlink Micro

Obviously, Bose is a more than trustworthy name in audio. That’s why we know we can trust the Soundlink Micro to stand up to the speakers that overshadow it in size. At such a small stature – the Soundlink Micro is just four inches by four inches – this is the perfect speaker to attach to your bike or hiking gear and embark on an adventure into the wilderness.

Purchase: $100

Sony XB41

This light up speaker from Sony isn’t just ready to party, it brings the party. Boosted with extra Bass, so you can lose yourself in the party anthems you know and love, the neon, flashing LED lights that come built inside this Sony XB41 will light up the room and your friends’ faces, and keep your party lit. By hitting the LIVE SOUND button, the XB41 will turn up even louder and offer surround sound, to get the beat bumping.

Purchase: $150

EcoXgear EcoXplorer

Enormous, but still plenty portable, the EcoXgear EcoXplorer is the most powerful speaker on this list, at just over a foot tall and 10 inches wide. A 50W amp provides the robust sound that will fill up a small space. Totally buoyant, users can put the EcoXplorer in their pool, lake or ocean without fears that it will sink. With a carrying strap, and a built in bottle opener, the EcoXplorer is the perfect portable speaker to elevate your party.

Purchase: $170

JBL Pulse 3

The perfect little light-up cylinder that is the JBL Pulse 3 is a wondrous speaker for the poolside – day or night. With 360° sound, this loud and produ speaker doubles as a rainbow beacon that offers an interactive light show. Whether with its audio or visual properties, the Pulse 3 is bound to entrance your guests. Plus, take the pulse underwater for an even more mesmeric experience.

Purchase: $200

Kicker Bull Frog Waterproof Speaker

Though not quite as pretty or luminous as the light-up speakers that precede it on the list, the Kicker Bull Frog is a waterproof speaker to be reckoned with. With four speakers and 16 watts of power, the Bull Frog boasts quite the kick. Incredibly durable, the speaker also has a powerful, 100-foot Bluetooth range, so the one with the phone can wander away without causing the audio to get choppy.

Purchase: $200

Bose Soundlink Revolve

The top of the line speaker from Bose, the Soundlink Revolve is the perfect portable speaker. Loud, easy to carry, attractive design, and (of course) waterproof, the Soundlink Revolve has everything you need from a speaker. The rugged aluminum case can withstand any drop or collision that it encounters, and can withstand up to 30 feet of submersion. Plus, the deep and rich audio quality to which you’re accustomed from Bose is unrivaled.

Purchase: $300

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