Cord Cutters: 12 Best Paracord Knives

Oct 15, 2018

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When it comes to outdoor exploration, off-grid adventuring, and survivalist training, a fixed blade knife is one of, if not the most important item to have in your arsenal. It can be used to help build a fire, erect a shelter, make a hunting trap, and can even be used as a self-defense weapon against any wayward predators. But if you really want to up your survival game, a knife isn’t the only tool you need.

If you want to stay one step ahead, pairing up your cutting tool with a bit of paracord is an especially great and minimalist way to be even more prepared for any situation you might face in the wilderness. And while you could keep a bundle of paracord in your pocket, hiking backpack, or wear a survival bracelet made of the stuff, there is a fourth option: a paracord knife. The following list is a collection of worthwhile outdoor-ready fixed blade knives, each with a handle of wrapped paracord — making for a compact, comprehensive, and effective outdoor survival tool. The next time you’re headed into unknown territory, bring one of these along and you’ll increase your preparedness tenfold.

Cold Steel True Flight Paracord Knife

If you want a paracord knife but you’re on an extreme budget, you can’t go wrong with the Cold Steel True Flight. Technically, this is a throwing knife, but there’s no rule that says you can’t use it for other purposes. That’s doubly true when you consider that its blade, while initially looking like a dual-edge dagger, is actually a drop point straight edge — much better for cutting tasks. As mentioned, this is a budget knife, but it’s a good one at that.

Steel: 1055
Blade Length: 6.75″

Purchase: $25

Kershaw Ion Throwing Knives

Much more clearly a throwing knife than a workhorse cutting blade, Kershaw’s Ion throwing knives are no less great paracord knives. Styled like something you might expect to see on the belt of a ninja, they’re a handsome bunch. But they’re also functional, with their paracord-wrapped handles, corrosion-resistant 3Cr13 steel blades, and quick-grab lanyard rings on the other end. They also come in a set of three with a nylon sheath for easy storage.

Steel: 3Cr13
Blade Length: 4.5″

Purchase: $28

SOG 4004939 Throwing Knives

With a form that seems a lot more functional from a cutting standpoint than the Kershaw Ion, SOG’s take on a throwing knife, the 4004939, also comes in a set of three, has a paracord wrapped handle, and includes a sturdy and simple ballistic nylon sheath. The differences: these ones are made from a black-finished 420 stainless steel, they have a skeletonized handle, and they feature a traditionally-styled clip point blade — similar to those found on hunting and/or bowie knives.

Steel: 420
Blade Length: 4.4″

Purchase: $32

CRKT Tighe Breaker Fixed Blade

There’s a lot to love about the CRKT Tighe Breaker fixed blade knife, from its unique take on a skeletonized design to its usability with or without the paracord wrap and the 8CR13MOV blade. This moderately-priced fixed blade is a no-nonsense workhorse of a knife that you won’t mind getting dirty each and every time you take it to task. In fact, even if you use it until it breaks, you may end up just getting another one. And that shouldn’t really be an issue, as it also comes with a lifetime warranty.

Steel: 8Cr13MoV
Blade Length: 4.266″

Purchase: $36

Gerber Bear Grylls Paracord Fixed Blade

Bear Grylls gets a bad rap for the fact that his show isn’t “authentic” survival. But people forget that he was still an actual British SAS soldier, lending a good deal of credence to his skillset and putting enough confidence in Gerber to do a signature series of gear in his name. One of the offerings in that catalogue is this paracord fixed blade knife. Complete with 60″ of paracord, a black-finished 5Cr15MoV steel blade, and a thermoplastic sheath, this is a reliable and relatively inexpensive fixed blade.

Steel: 5Cr15MoV
Blade Length: 3.25″

Purchase: $48

ESEE Izula Paracord Knife

One of the more compact options on our list, but no less a tough-as-nails workhorse of a blade, the ESEE Izula paracord knife is a brilliantly-built minimalist cutting tool. It also comes with one of the longest lengths of paracord of any of the knives on our list and boasts a hi-vis “venom” green powdercoat finish to add a bit of extra durability. If you want to keep your outdoor carry as pared-down and minimalist as possible without sacrificing on styling, this might be the blade for you.

Steel: 1095
Blade Length: 2.875″

Purchase: $75

Boker Plus Prime Paracord Knife

The Germans at Boker definitely know how to build a good knife, paracord or not. And the Boker Plus Prime is one of the beefier options on this list, weighing in at 8.7 ounces in total. Luckily, since fixed blades are ill-suited to everyday carry, the heft of this knife could actually be considered a boon, rather than a reason to avoid it. That’s helped by its bead-blasted 440C stainless steel construction, a material known for being easy to sharpen and relatively durable over the long-term . Of course, if you do find yourself needing to sharpen it in the field, the Kydex sheath has a built-in sharpening stone, which is a handy addition.

Steel: 440C
Blade Length: 3.75″

Purchase: $90

DPx Gear HEST II Assault Paracord Knife

For those not in the know, DPx Gear’s founder, Robert Young Pelton, is one of the toughest, most bat sh*t insane men on the planet. He’s embroiled himself in some of the worst conflicts on Earth, seen every edge of our dangerous planet, and came out the other side swinging. So, when the time came to build knives, he had to make them tough enough to suit a life as intense as his. The HEST II Assault paracord knife is one such blade. It boasts a top-tier TiCN PVD-coated Niolox steel blade, skeletonized handle, and enough paracord to use out in the wilderness. And, even if you aren’t stuck in a survival situation, this knife is a handy tool to have, thanks to its built-in bottle opener.

Steel: TiCN PVD-Coated Niolox
Blade Length: 3.15″

Purchase: $145

Tops Ranger’s Edge Paracord Knife

The Army Rangers are some of the most rugged, well-trained, tough-as-nails soldiers on the planet. So anything built in their name comes with very high expectations. Luckily, the Tops Knives Ranger’s Edge paracord knife certainly fits the bill with its black traction-coated 1095 steel dagger-shaped blade, skeletonized handle, and paracord wrap. In fact, this knife is so well made, that there are Special Forces soldiers who keep it as a part of their battlefield loadout right now. With an overall length of 10.5 inches and an included Kydex sheath, this fighting knife is ready for anything.

Steel: 1095
Blade Length: 5.5″

Purchase: $180

Terrain 365 Element Alpha-HD Knife

The folks at Prometheus Design Werks are well known in the outdoor and everyday carry industries for their superbly made gear. So it should come as no surprise that, when they decided to start their own knife-making brand, their offerings would be stellar. The Element Alpha-HD is one such offering. Built from a proprietary corrosion-resistant and rustproof alloy, called Terravantium Dendritic Cobalt, this is one of the best hard-use fixed blades out there. And its versatility and capabilities are only bolstered by the 500 paracord wrapped around the handle. This blade is badass in every sense of the word.

Steel: Terravantium Dendritic Cobalt
Blade Length: 4″

Purchase: $265

Strider Knives DB-L Paracord Knife

The aggressiveness of the Strider Knives DB-L might seem to some solely like a tactical styling choice, but the quality of its materials and craftsmanship behind this fixed blade paracord knife stand up to its appearance. Weighing just 5.3 ounces, this knife is an excellent option for minimalist and/or survivalist carry — a fact bolstered by the paracord found woven into the skeletonized handle. The point is, if you find yourself in an emergency situation with this blade by your side and you’ve got a solid knowledge of survival skills, you’ll be ready to tackle just about anything in your path.

Steel: CPM-S30V
Blade Length: 4.125″

Purchase: $295

RMJ Tactical Custom Forged Utsidihi Knife

With such a high price point, some folks might be a bit skeptical of trying to take RMJ Tactical’s Custom Forged Utsidihi fixed blade out into the great outdoors. However, the tremendous quality of this blade makes it more than capable of standing up to even the toughest of tasks. In fact, if you take away the beautiful Celtic design, you’ll find that this blade was made specifically to stand up to the rigors of hard, constant use — a design philosophy found across all of the brand’s offerings. It helps, too, that it comes with a handsome leather sheath to match and was made here in the USA.

Steel: Hand-Forged Nitro-V
Blade Length: 3.75″

Purchase: $395

8 Best Paracord Survival Bracelets

If you’ve already got a blade squared away, it’s still a good idea to add some paracord to your everyday carry (or even just your bug-out bag). In that case, you can find some extremely worthwhile options on our list of the 8 best paracord survival bracelets for men.

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