The 10 Best Paracord Knives For Survival of 2022

Photo: Toor Knives Kingpin Tanto

Unless you’re already in the know, you’re probably wondering what, exactly, a paracord knife is. Well, it’s really not that complicated. For our purposes, a paracord knife is a blade (usually, but not always fixed) that has a paracord handle, rather than more traditional handle scales. While they offer plenty of grip under normal circumstances, they also have the added benefit of functioning beautifully in emergency survival situations, as the paracord can be removed and repurposed for things like erecting shelter, crafting animal traps, binding wounds, and more.

As is the case with every knife category, it can be hard to tell the difference between a good option and a cheap and perhaps dangerous one. Lucky for you, we’ve done the legwork already and have rounded up what we believe are the 10 best paracord knives around. Whether you’re a die-hard outdoorsman looking for a new addition to their collection or you’re just starting to lean into survivalism, you’ll find the perfect paracord knife for you below.

Cold Steel 80TFTC True Flight Throwing Knife

While this knife was designed and balanced to be a budget-friendly throwing knife, it isn’t solely functional as a hobbyist tool — thanks largely to its serviceable 1050 steel construction and compounded by the useful and repurposable paracord wrap around the handle. Still, the knife’s intimidating 12″ total length might serve knife-throwing best overall — but that’s an activity that certainly has its own merits, paracord handle or not.

Blade Length: 6.5″
Total Length: 12″
Steel: 1050

Purchase: $23

Svord EDC Hiker Knife

Svord might not be a name many are super familiar with, but this New Zealand brand knows a thing or two about making budget-friendly, approachable knives (see their peasant knife for further proof). The Svord EDC Hiker you see here isn’t going to win over everyone’s heart, but it’s a great entry-level survivalist knife. Just make sure you give the edge a once-over before you try to use it, as some folks have found the factory finish a bit lacking. Still, for the price, this is a pretty solid deal.

Blade Length: 3″
Total Length: 6.125″
Steel: High Carbon Tool

Purchase: $35

CRKT Crawford Thunder Strike Neck Knife

Designed by Pat and Wes Crawford, nobody should be surprised to find this CRKT offering on this list. With an included molded sheath that grants it functionality as a standard fixed blade, a boot knife, or a neck knife, this blade is crafted from black-finished 8Cr13MoV that’s reliable and durable and comes with a tight paracord-woven handle. Partner that with a harpoon-style blade shape and a good balance and this is one trustworthy cutting tool, especially for tactical and outdoor usage.

Blade Length: 2.83″
Total Length: 7.44″
Steel: 8Cr13MoV

Purchase: $40

ESEE Knives Izula Fixed Blade

By now, you should all be aware of our well-earned affinity for ESEE knives. And it should come as no surprise that one of the brand’s offerings made our list, especially when it’s the outstanding Izula. This super-skeletonized compact fixed blade comes in numerous colorways, but all of them are crafted from either 1095 or 440C steel — both of which are reliable even through hardcore usage — and were designed for paracord-wrapped handles (which you’ll have to learn to do yourself, as it doesn’t come pre-assembled). Still, if you’re serious about your paracord knife, you’ll not go wrong with this offering.

Blade Length: 6.25″
Total Length: 2.875″
Steel: 1095 or 440C

Purchase: $63

TOPS Knives Hoffman Harpoon Fixed Blade

In spite of the fact that the TOPS Hoffman Harpoon measures up at 8″ in total, only 2.5 of those inches make up its exceptionally small blade. That lends this knife perhaps better to usage as a backup and not a primary blade, but it’s still superbly constructed from 1095 high carbon steel here in the USA. That also means there is more paracord on the handle than you might find with some other knives — and more paracord means more usefulness in survival and emergency situations. Don’t count this knife out just because big blades look more impressive; this one is plenty exceptional all on its own.

Blade Length: 2.5″
Total Length: 8″
Steel: 1095HC

Purchase: $65

White River Knives M1 Backpacker Fixed Blade

If you came here looking for a solid, reliable outdoor fixed blade, the White River M1 Backpacker might be the fixed blade of your dreams. It has a hard-working S35VN steel drop point blade that’s as versatile as it is handsome and that’s mated to an ergonomic full-tang handle wrapped in useful paracord. That paracord wrap even extends beyond the butt of the knife, functioning as a handy lanyard for easier access. Pair all of that with a Kydex sheath and a USA-made construction, and you’ve got yourself a great go-to for survivalism, emergencies, camping, and all things outdoors.

Blade Length: 3.25″
Total Length: 7″
Steel: S35VN

Purchase: $95

Boker Plus Pogn DCW Fixed

The Boker Plus Pogn DCW is unusual in that its handle isn’t fully wrapped with paracord, but rather its core is where the cord is housed. That lets the user’s hand grip tighter around its ergonomic shape but still offers plenty of friction on the palm to keep the knife in place even during tough cutting usage. Measuring up at 8″ overall and constructed from 440C steel, this knife also comes with a Kydex sheath with a belt adapter for various styles of carry.

Blade Length: 3.75″
Total Length: 8″
Steel: 440C

Purchase: $97

DPx H.E.S.T. II Assault Survival Knife

Created by one of the most hardcore dudes on the planet, Robert Young Pelton, everything that DPx offers is extreme in its quality and durability. And the H.E.S.T. II Assault Survival Knife doesn’t veer from that path. Not only is it exceptionally crafted from TiCN PVD-coated Niolox steel and equipped with a length of high-vis paracord, but it also has an integrated bottle opener, hex wrench, pry bar pommel, and more. This isn’t so much a paracord knife as it is a one-piece survival multi-tool you’ll turn to time and time again — and maybe pass on to your kids so they can use it, too.

Blade Length: 3.125″
Total Length: 7.625″
Steel: Niolox

Purchase: $150

Toor Knives Kingpin Tanto Fixed Blade

Made in the USA and designed for use by Marine snipers, Toor’s Kingpin is an astounding fixed blade paracord knife that looks as dangerous as it can be in the hands of a professional. Of course, its 4″ CPM-3V steel blade with its KG Gunkote finish is also well-suited to numerous other survival and outdoor cutting tasks. It’s also made in the USA and comes with a handy and tough FlexTech Kydex sheath, so you can bring it with you anywhere and everywhere. And you might very well want to do that.

Blade Length: 4″
Total Length: 8.5″
Steel: CPM-3V

Purchase: $195

Benchmade 375-1 Fixed Adamas

You might scoff at the price of Benchmade’s Fixed Adamas knife, but this blade is what paracord knives are all about — meaning it’s the shining example, the one you might find in the dictionary next to the definition of “paracord knife.” It’s also recently been improved, now crafted entirely from high-end, hard-wearing CPM-CruWear steel that’s extremely durable and corrosion-resistant. Oh yeah, and it is made here in the USA — which is a super-solid added bonus. And while it doesn’t come with paracord, you can get some for extremely cheap and Benchmade actually has an instructional video on how to properly wrap the handle.

Blade Length: 4.2″
Total Length: 9.17″
Steel: CPM-CruWear

Purchase: $250

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