The 20 Best Jogger Pants For Men

Aug 28, 2019

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The athleisure movement is in full effect, and if you haven’t hopped onto the bandwagon quite yet, there’s never been a better time to do so. While a full-fledged transition into the genre might be a little offputting, there’s no doubt that the comfortable, form-fitting garments have found a place in areas outside of the gym, making them the perfect choice for individuals who are looking to optimize their wardrobe. But, even if you’re not looking to dive headfirst into the trend, there’s at least one piece that transcends the realm of comfortable wear: the jogger.

The jogger pant is the perfect cross between the sweatpant of old and the technically-adept legwear offerings that have inundated the market, as of late. Not only do they offer wearers the quintessential blend of stretchy, sweat-wicking fabrics, stylish silhouettes, and capable versatility, but they also provide a much-needed escape from the limits of traditional pants. These athletically-inclined variants are here to stay, and whether you love them or not, there’s no denying that their tapered appearance pairs well with almost any outfit. Below, we’ll outline some of our favorite offerings, and give you a bit of insight into what makes them so special.

Brooklyn Cloth Twill

Brooklyn Cloth’s Black Twill Jogger Pants are a handsome pair that’ll help you to break free of your wardrobe’s lackadaisical legwear. Elastic cuffs around the ankle area of the jogger give them a clean, slimline look, while a comfortable elastic waistband, cotton construction, and tailored fit ensure that you’ll always have a way to incorporate them into daily wear.

Purchase: $44

Everlane Classic French Terry

Everlane’s Classic French Terry is a confident sweatpant that focuses on affordable aesthetics, above all else. But don’t that that dissuade you; they’re made with a hard-wearing 12-ounce French Terry cotton, making them a valued proposition for those looking to put them through their paces. Like most of Everlane’s catalog, the Classic jogger provides an essential piece of menswear at one of the best price points in the industry — and, somehow, they still have an err of tasteful class.

Purchase: $55

Adidas Originals 3-Stripes

The Adidas Originals 3-Stripes jogger is a classic silhouette that references the brand’s athletically-inclined past. On the exterior of the pant, you’ll find the company’s iconic Trefoil logo and tri-strip, blending seamlessly with their cotton and polyester fleece composition. These slim-fitting joggers are as cozy as they come but know when to flip the switch for time-tested athletic use.

Purchase: $60

Mack Weldon Ace

Mack Weldon’s Ace jogger is a fashionable example that focuses on versatility. Whether you’re looking to dress it up, or down, the Ace was crafted to adapt to any situation with ease, breaking free of the 9-to-5. Here, you’ll find a micro-sanded French Terry cotton, implemented to keep you comfortable, but mobile, throughout the day. Ribbed cuffs, hidden pockets, and a soft, but supple 95% cotton construction make the pant a force to be reckoned with when it comes to variable wear.

Purchase: $78

Rhone Spar SeaCell Jogger

Rhone’s Spar SeaCell jogger is one of the most notable inclusions on your list, thanks to the brand’s unwavering commitment to innovative style. They’re made from a premium SeaCell fabric, giving them one of the most capable compositions around, while providing stretch and storage capabilities that are unrivaled by their counterparts. Better yet, they feature a smooth moisture-wicking exterior, expansive side and back pockets, and a handsome aesthetic that’ll keep you looking as good as you feel.

Purchase: $82

Nike Tech Fleece

Nike’s Tech Fleece joggers harken back to the genre’s essentials, focusing on mobility, adaptability, and performance. An innovative Tech Fleece fabric, comprised of cotton and polyester, gives way to the legwear’s tapered silhouette, offering wearers a pair of athletically-inclined pants that easily adapt to more casual encounters. Notable aspects include an asymmetrical seam zip pocket, elasticated cuffs, and an elasticated waist, helping to keep the Tech Fleece both capable, and comfortable throughout the day.

Purchase: $85

Outdoor Voices RecTrek

Outdoor Voices’ RecTrek jogger is an essential style staple that’s been crafted for the modern man, offering buyers a minimalistic silhouette that isn’t short on attractive character. They feature an elasticated, OV twist ankle opening, subtle back pockets, and capable side pockets to store your most valuable accessories. Unlike many of the offerings on this list, the Outdoor Voices’ RecTrek feature the brand’s proprietary RecTrek material, which is comprised of nylon and elastane, resulting in a casual, but comfortable garment that’s keen on mobility.

Purchase: $85

prAna Over Rock

prAna’s Over Rock jogger is a testament to the brand’s innovative manufacturing process. They boast some of the industry’s most sustainable materials, including Hemp, recycled polyester, and TENCEL Lyocell blend fleece, offering wearers a unique, modernized take on the traditional garment. An elasticated waist and lower-leg cuff pair seamlessly with the jogger’s braided flat drawcord and side-entry slash pockets, which have been dressed in detailed twill tape and metal. On the exterior, rear welt pockets are accessed via a tasteful button closure, giving the Over Rock a decidedly refined aura. If you’re looking for one of the most sustainably manufactured joggers on the market, you search just got a bit easier.

Purchase: $89

Vuori Sunday Performance

Vuori’s Sunday Performance jogger is an homage to athleisure, and boasts one of the most aesthetically-pleasing silhouettes in the industry. They’re outfitted with cutting-edge softness, stretch, and materials, making them a prime pick for buyers who are looking to bridge the gap between casual and professional legwear. A polyester and elastane composition pairs well with the Sunday’s moisture-wicking, quick-drying silhouette, providing a quintessential package that can be used everywhere, from the gym to the office.

Purchase: $90

Zanerobe Sureshot

Zanerobe Sureshot jogger is a drastic take on the traditional athleisure pant, paying homage to the legwear style that started a revolution. These camo-covered pants are crafted from cotton and elastane, offering a stretchy, comfortable fit that’s both low-rise, and seemingly tailor-made. A reinforced crotch, slimline fit, and elasticated cuff/waistband make the Sureshot one of the most revered variants on the market — and, if you’re asking us, the inclusion of camo is never a bad choice.

Purchase: $100

Todd Snyder x Champion Terry Slim

Todd Snyder’s name is already enough of a reason to pick up the Terry Slim jogger, but with a renowned athletic company like Champion taking the reins for this stylish collaboration, it’s all the more clear that these pants are a cut above the rest. As part of the companies’ Foundation Collection, the Terry Slim is an adaptable piece of essential legwear that can pair with everything, from sweats to suits. They offer a tasteful, garment-dyed silhouette, elasticated cuffs, slash pockets, and a cotton herringbone drawstring, making them an elaborate exercise in classy wear, while a comfortable 16-ounce French Terry cotton brings them into the realm of obscene luxury.

Purchase: $118

Lululemon ABC Jogger

Lululemon’s ABC jogger is a sleek, but supple take on the company’s revered athleisure style. They feature a spacious interior, sweat-wicking Warpstreme fabric, and a four-way stretch that lends itself to athletic use. Hidden pockets provide essential storage areas for your most important accessories, while a calm, relaxed demeanor makes them perfect for use in a variety of situations.

Purchase: $128

DU/ER No Sweat

DU/ER has its head in the right place when it comes to the recreation of men’s stylish staples. The No Sweat jogger is a testament to that, providing wearers with a soft, moisture-wicking composition that’s stretchy enough to keep you satisfied throughout the day. They’re made with a comfortable blend of cotton, TENCEL Lyocell, and the brand’s COOLMAX Polyester, which provides a luxurious, lightweight feel that’s unmatched by the company’s competitors. No matter where you are, or what you’re doing, the No Sweat jogger is the perfect companion for adaptable wear.

Purchase: $129

Foehn Brise

Foehn’s Brise pants are oriented toward the action sports crowd, due to their long-running heritage within rock climbing, but that doesn’t mean they can’t be used in other areas of life. These modern joggers marry technical materials with a stylish, form-fitting design orientation, resulting in a sleek peripheral that won’t let you down when you need it most. They’re crafted from nylon and stretchy Spandex fabric, giving you an increased range of motion, while YKK accents, a durable water-repellent (DWR) finish, and mechanical moisture-wicking attributes make them one of the most capable joggers around. Additional reinforcement in the crotch and knee area is just the cherry on top.

Purchase: $130

Olivers Transit

Olivers’ Transit jogger is a fashionable blend of style and purpose, providing wearers with a sweatpant-inspired silhouette that’s just as fashionable outside of the gym setting. They’ve been built with performance in mind, thanks to a durable, odor-resistant Transit Merino Fleece that’s as stretchy as possible. However, their focus on athletic use doesn’t make them any less capable in the realm of everyday wear; a soft, temperature-regulating silhouette will keep you on your toes no matter where you are, or what you’re pairing them with.

Purchase: $138

Rag & Bone Black Classic

Rag & Bone are known as one of the most stylish companies around, and that’s reflected through their Black Classic jogger. This vintage-inspired athletic piece is the perfect mid-weight example and features a soft slubbed Terry cotton, complete with a stretchy Spandex sub-fabric. Not only are you looking at one of the most classic styles on the market, but you’re also guaranteed to enjoy their ultra-relaxed fit, which is an ambitious departure from the tapered variants that have become so popular lately.

Purchase: $195

John Elliott Escobar Sweatpants

John Elliott’s Escobar joggers are a slim-fitting style staple that references sweatpants of old. They harken back to the timeless garments worn by South American soccer players during their warmups all the way back in 1980, and feature a vintage silhouette that isn’t short on bespoke attributes. A subtle back pocket, Riri zipper, and drop-crotch orientation make these a definitive choice for those interested in retro style, while a 100% cotton composition serves to offer top-of-the-line comfort throughout the life of the pant.

Purchase: $228

Stone Island Logo-Appliquéd Tapered Mélange

Stone Island’s Logo-Appliquéd Tapered Mélange jogger is a classic silhouette that harkens back to the iconic designs of old, boasting a militaristic cargo style, subtle undertones, and a bevy of pockets that will help you store all of your essential items. They feature a comfortable mélange loopback, cotton-jersey taper, and flexible ribbed cuffs, making them a definitive pair of athletically-oriented joggers, ready to take on whatever you throw at them.

Purchase: $260

Thom Browne Engineered 4-Bar Jersey

Thom Browne’s Engineered 4-Bar Jersey jogger is a great-looking silhouette that embodies the essence of stylish implementation. They’re rather simple — featuring only a 100% cotton composition, 4-Bar graphic, and tapered ankle — but that’s their strong suit. If you’re looking for a well-rounded jogger that’s been tastefully designed, look no further than the Engineered Jersey.

Purchase: $590

Tom Ford Tapered Cashmere

Tom Ford’s Tapered Cashmere rounds out our list as the darkhorse offering of the bunch. At $2,690, this lavish offering is a testament to the company’s lifelong commitment toward top-end style. They’re made from soft, midnight-blue cashmere, and adorned with a satin-trimmed fly and horn buttons. An elasticated drawstring waistband and finely-tailored materials come straight from Italy, where the pants were carefully crafted by the industry’s best garment makers. Needless to say, these are top-of-the-line joggers for those who want the best of the best.

Purchase: $2,690

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