The 10 Best Hot Sauce Subscription Clubs For 2022

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No matter what region on the globe, pretty much every culture on earth boasts its own hot sauce or comparably spicy condiment, paste, or sauce, and it’s not hard to see why. Hot sauces provide a unique kick to almost any savory food, enhancing and supplementing flavors rather than overpowering them. without overpowering. And while the world of hot sauces was once largely limited to only a few big-name brands, today’s market includes countless artisanal sauces and recipes currently on offer.

The sheer abundance of these sauces, however, makes it difficult to even begin to sample the lion’s share of the countless varieties of hot sauces, much less even know what hot sauce offerings are out there. Fortunately, a handful of passionate, in-the-know hot sauce enthusiasts and entrepreneurs have solved this problem via the introduction of hot sauce subscription box clubs. These clubs offer monthly deliveries of delectable hot sauces of all kinds straight to your door. From sweet to smokey and tepid to scorching, these are the internet’s ten best hot sauce subscription clubs.

Doc Hotties’ Hot Sauce Lover

Offered in single bottle or three bottle monthly services in either “Hot Sauce Lover” (i.e. regular) or “Masochist” (i.e. crazy hot) — the latter of which costs a very small added fee — Doc Hotties’ Hot Sauce Lover box starts at only $7 for the single bottle option. While its offerings are scattered across the Scoville scale, the one thing all this service’s hot sauces have in common is that they come from reputable artisan brands. This means you get a to experience a myriad of local delicacies right from the comfort of your own home.

Purchase: $7+

Heat Hot Sauce Shop

Heat Hot Sauce Shop’s subscription service allows you to select the flavors and quantities that best align with your personal taste and needs. The company offers one bottle memberships and three bottle memberships that see boxes sent out monthly or quarterly. Regardless of the amount of frequency selected, Heat’s subscription is offered in their varieties: “Mellow sauces focused on flavor;” “Mild to wild & packed with flavor;” and For diehard chiliheads.” Each sauce comes with a card containing information on the particular sauce, including where it lies on the Scoville scale. Heat Hot Sauce Shop’s boxes also contain a unique bevy of selections, such as prickly pear cactus, habanero, agave nectar, and strawberry-flavored Purple Hippo Hot Sauce, verde-style hot sauces, Ghost Pepper sauces, and Ghost Scream Vindaloo Curry hot sauce, just to name a few.

Purchase: $14+

Cratejoy Hot Sauce Of The Month Club

Cratejoy’s Hot Sauce Of The Month Club is another subscription offering that lets you select the level of heat, and frequency and amount shipped. Often shipped with a variety of supplementary sample packets, the club’s boxes come in one- or three-bottle allotments ranging from $14 to $29. On the first of each month, Cratejoy ships your choice of a box containing sauces that fall under Mild/Medium, Classic, and Extra Hot — the latter of which is something of this outfit’s specialty. This also includes other items that hot sauces aficionados are sure to appreciate, such as has unique sauces, curry pastes, habanero sauces, and Mexican verde-style hot sauces.

Purchase: $14+

Fuego Box

There are countless, highly-celebrated small independent hot sauce outfits that, despite making a stellar product, are little-known to the general public. And it’s these exact brands that Fuego Box aims to shine a spotlight on. A self-described hot sauce club for foodies, the brand specializes in delivering sauces from small, unknown artisan brands that are well-worthy of meeting your taste buds. Unlike several of the other entries on this list, the Fuego Box strays from insane heat, weird extract-based sauces, and novelty or gimmicky branding, ultimately remaining purely focused on flavor. The company offers a single bottle subscription delivered every 30 days for $18, a three bottle option shipped every 30 or 90 days for $30, or a two-pack of ultra-hot sauces, also shipped monthly or quarterly for $28.

Purchase: $18+

Flaming Licks

Owned by the UK’s Farehouse Trading Co. Flaming Licks service specializes in sending out monthly boxes of hot sauces from all over the United Kingdom. This means the subscription boxes include idiosyncratic flavors and recipes that are unique to the UK — though the service provides shipping to the United States and the rest of Europe. Included are three hot sauces, pastes, marinades, pickles, or chili chutneys — along with a spicy snack — all of which are sent to your door each month. They also provide the option of receiving the box every other month, if you so choose.

Purchase: $24+

Heat Seeker Box

The Heat Seeker Box is the product of a dedicated and passionate team that scours the United States in search of the country’s best gourmet hot sauces. It then sends a curated box to your door with four or five full-size sauces every three-months. Though the Heat Seekers also offers 2, 3, and 4 box options, as well as a handful of curated gift boxes for hot sauce lovers, ranging from a selection of beef jerky, salsa, BBQ sauces, or a “Sweet Heat Box” of sweet and spicy snacks. The quarterly Southern California-based subscription service’s selections typically lie more towards the medium to the hot end of the heat spectrum, with an emphasis on flavor over sheer heat.

Purchase: $26+

Hot Wing Monthly

Do wing night right with the Hot Wing Monthly subscription service. This highly-curated box ships out three bottles a month containing some of the best hot sauces for wings, including recipes purpose-made for wings, and sauces that just happen to pair particularly well with poultry. And while, as the service’s name suggests: this subscription has a special focus on sauces for hot wings, it also provides its customers with all manner of more traditional table hot sauces that can be used on anything from eggs to tacos.

Purchase: $29

Heatonist The Hot Ones Box

Experience the noteworthy sauces featured on the last six seasons of The Hot Ones TV Show with this subscription box from Heatonist. Each month, this auto-renewing subscription service — which can be paused or canceled at any time — sends out a trio of hot sauces with varying levels of heat, from mild to ultra-fiery. A must-have for any diehard fan of the show, the Hot Ones Box also lets you get your hands on exclusive sauces used on the show before anyone else. And, just like on the program, this subscription service’s offerings run the gambit, from insanely-hot varieties to unusual flavored hot sauces.

Purchase: $30

Honest Foods Hot Sauce Of the Month

A more playful take on the hot sauce subscription box, rather than offerings catering towards more serious connoisseurs, Honest Foods’ Hot Sauce Of The Month is a one-time, quarterly subscription service that sends out a different hot sauce each month for three months. Shipped out in the first week of each month, he selection from this service include Maison Louisianne’s Creole Pepper Sauce, 1849 Campfire Sauce, Betty Boop Hot Sauce, Sonny Barger’s Hellfire sauce, and Elvis’ All Shook Up Hot Sauce. One the three-months are up, the service automatically ends.

Purchase: $40

The Hot Sauce Club

Offered in three-month or six-month subscriptions costing $85 and $150 respectively, this mail-order hot sauce subscription box from the Hot Sauce Club, hand-picks two award-winning hot sauces each month that they then deliver to your door. On top of the more traditional hot sauces sent out by the club, this outfit’s boxes also include a plethora of unorthodox but nonetheless spicy items like hot mustard and spicy mayo. The proprietors of this service also fully stand behind their product, with the subscription being backed by a money-back guarantee, should you for whatever reason not be content with the club’s hot sauce selections. This service also grants access to discounts on the rest of the Hot Sauce Club’s wares, and it’s offered with free shipping.

Purchase: $85+

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