The 10 Best Cooking Aprons For Men

Photo: OLPR Leather & Canvas Apron

We know, it’s difficult to find a functional, purposeful apron for the kitchen that doesn’t scream “budget.” Luckily, these versatile garments don’t deviate far from their intended use, allowing quality-focused examples from other areas and industries to be used for culinary purposes. For some, this might be a blessing in disguise, meaning that the kitchen or grill-faring peripheral can be used for a variety of different things, without you having to invest in a separate garment.

The genre’s infatuation with durable, hard-wearing construction and splash-resistant waterproofing is a godsend for cooks who are looking to utilize these versatile attributes for their culinarily-focused tasks. Below, we’ve curated a list of the most formidable offerings around, focusing on adaptability, readiness, and construction principles that can take on almost any in-kitchen endeavor.

NcSTAR VISM Tactical Apron

Whether you’re standing in front of rolling flames at the grill, or taking on a weekend project that requires you to protect your front side, NcSTAR’s adaptable VISM Tactical Apron is the perfect variant to ensure you get the job done in style. While the rugged apron was originally designed for smithing, it’s no secret that the garment’s oil, grease, and dirt-resistant persona is applicable wherever you need it, thanks to a heavy-duty PVC fabric construction, an adjustable 33-inch neck strap, and a loop fastener that allows you to customize your peripheral’s layout for various jobs — including those that are a bit more culinarily-focused.

Purchase: $13

Hudson Durable Goods Waxed Apron

Hudson Durable Goods’ water-resistant Waxed Apron was built to take on anything that you could possibly throw at it, including a hefty portion of perishable goods. As yet another entry on this list that was built for a purpose other than cooking, this double-stitched wonder is a perfect all-arounder that you can take from the grill/kitchen to the workshop, calling upon a rugged 16-ounce waxed canvas, reinforced gun-metal grommets and rivets, and an adjustable cross-back strap that allows you to dial-in your full-coverage bib for a variety of uses. Better yet, there are a handful of large, easy-access tool pockets on the waxed apron’s exterior, allowing you to stow utensils, pit peripherals, or common household items within its large “kangaroo” style pouch.

Purchase: $30

Outset Leather Grill Apron

Outset’s Leather Grill Apron is a leather- and suede-gifted peripheral that can help you take your cooking game to the next level, and look good while doing it. This formidable frontal protective piece boasts a splatter and grease resistant exterior, a flame-retardant lining, and convenient storage space to house all of your favorite spices, seasonings, and tools. Plus, a comfortable and adjustable neck strap is never a bad inclusion, allowing you to adapt the bib to your daily task by raising or lowering the protective garment, depending on how saucy things get.

Purchase: $32

Readywares Waxed Canvas Utility Apron

Readywares’ Waxed Canvas Utility Apron is a qualified external garment constructed with the finest 20-ounce waxed cotton canvas around. Paired with a healthy collection of cotton/poly straps, solid brass hardware, and a bevy of waist pockets to hold utensils, grilling items, sauces, or seasonings, this all-encompassing apron can do it all. Adding to our list of multipurpose items, the Utility Apron is a surefire pick for blacksmithing, tattooing, serving, grilling, or making your favorite coffee-based beverages, meaning that you’ll be able to utilize it in many different ways without having to worry about being underprepared for the task at hand.

Purchase: $35

OLPR Leather & Canvas Apron

OLPR’s Leather & Canvas Apron is a protective layer for the world’s hardest-working people, and that includes chefs. This multipurpose peripheral boasts a hearty canvas and leather construction, stylish design principles, and an orientation that emphasizes use within the realm of waiters and bartenders, making it a top choice for kitchen-savvy individuals who frequent the flat-top. But its universal use isn’t what sets it apart from its peers. When it comes to purposeful comfort, protection, and genuine aesthetics, you’ll be hard-pressed to find something better.

Purchase: $40

RVCA Smith Street

RVCA’s Smith Street apron is a functional bib that was designed from the ground up for the legendary Smith Street Tattoo Parlour in Brooklyn, New York, but that doesn’t mean that you won’t be able to use it for a handful of your favorite culinary tasks. This unique apron features a zippered closure at its front to store all of your important items while calling upon a criss-cross tie system at its back in order to maintain a secure, protective fit — something that’s readily needed in a number of different situations, whether they be grill, kitchen, or workshop-oriented, making this handsome peripheral an attractive proposition for design-minded individuals who need a versatile apron. To round things out, its nylon, cotton, and polyester construction joins with RVCA’s Nycon Vintage Brush to give the garment a unique heritage feel.

Purchase: $60

Saint Anthony Industries Butcher Cut

Saint Anthony Industries’ Butcher Cut apron is a true chef’s variant. It’s crafted from premium American Cone Denim and features a higher side than your typical model, inhibiting the ability of grease, oil, or other ingredients to splash and reach your underlying clothing. On the interior of the apron, you’ll find a lightweight, 100% cotton lining to promote breathability and comfort during those long hours at the grill, over the stovetop, or in the kitchen, as well as a removable strap and a chest pocket to store your pencil, should you be using it in a more professional manner. If you’re looking for a dependable, durable, USA-Made product that you can rely on for cooking’s toughest jobs, the Butcher Cut might just be the apron for you.

Purchase: $90

Filson Tin Cloth Apron

Filson’s Tin Cloth Apron stays in-line with the company’s premium heritage offerings, exhibiting unparalleled build quality, a versatile construction, and handsome looks that are second to none. But it’s the garment’s durability and rugged nature that truly set it apart, thanks to a machine-washable Antique Tin Cloth material, a wrap-around waist tie, and adjustable webbing neck strap that allow you to take on any in-kitchen endeavor with a confident mindset. On its exterior, you’ll find a healthy selection of pockets and secure storage areas for your spices, utensils, or other fares, pairing with the peripheral’s waist tie closure to keep things secure and in-place during rigorous use.

Purchase: $95

Sturdy Brothers Charles Apron

Sturdy Brothers’ Charles Apron stays true to its name, thanks to a ruggedized exterior that was originally conceptualized for woodworkers. Naturally, the apron transitions well into the realm of culinary use, thanks to its 12-ounce Nutmeg canvas, nine-ounce navy waxed canvas pockets and a Chestnut-finished leather waist/neck strap that is as handsome as they come. While this bib lends itself to more abrasive styles of use, there’s nothing stopping you from taking it into the kitchen to throw down on your favorite recipes — but be warned, you’ll be the envy of family and friends due to the garment’s heritage exterior and brass/copper components.

Purchase: $162

Wolf & Badger Original Black

We round out our list with Wolf & Badger’s Original Black apron — a studio, workshop, or kitchen variant that was designed and hand-constructed in Shropshire, England. On its exterior, this great-looking garment boasts a sectionally-sewn bib pocket, allowing wearers to utilize two different areas for their tools, while three large front pockets (and a hidden storage compartment on the inside of the bib) work together to provide a menagerie of layout options for the contemporary chef. A stone-washed 10-ounce cotton canvas construction makes this apron one of the most durable in its class, and thanks to the introduction of full-grain leather straps, nickel-plated brass buckles, and an adjustable belt with snap hook, it’s no wonder why this all-encompassing example is at the top of the genre’s offerings.

Purchase: $190

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