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The 10 Best Commuter Bicycles

Photo: Linus Roadster Sport 3i

When you live in a large, open-ended city, getting from one place to another is a huge part of your daily routine. If you own a car, you’re paying for gas, searching for parking, getting stuck in traffic jams, and wasting hours of your life doing nothing. If you take the bus, you’re a bit more well-off. But what if we told you that you could exercise, see your city’s most beautiful sights, and cut back on all of life’s expensive afterthoughts, like gas and insurance, in one fell swoop?

Taking on the life of an urban commuter might seem daunting, at first, but making the transition from a large vehicle to that of a small, compact, two-wheeled device is something that everyone should try at least once in their lives. It’s the perfect mode of transport for individuals who are looking to cut back on costs, promote a healthier lifestyle, and change up their daily routine for the better. To make the transition even easier, the commuter bicycle is outfitted with a number of quality-of-life additions, including racks, fenders, gears, and lightweight peripherals — this way, riders are able to travel to and from work, pick up groceries, head to the post office, or cruise to their favorite pub with friends. Below, we’ve compiled a list of our favorite commuter bicycles for use within the city; so, if you’ve been searching for the perfect way to enrich your life, now’s your chance!

Schwinn Traveler

When it comes to affordable bicycles, Schwinn is a name that most people are sure to recognize. The company is something of a household name these days, and the Traveler, its well-rounded commuter bicycle, is a perfect example of minimalist function. It’s part of the company’s Urban Classic line and offers riders vintage looks, handsome style, and dependable operation in a single, all-encompassing package. Thanks to the bike’s durable Hi-Ten steel 700c construction and Shimano REVOSHIFT seven-speed shifter, you’ll be able to commute to and from your location with ease.

Purchase: $200+

State Bicycle Elliston

State Bicycles has become a mainstay of the mail-order complete industry, bridging the gap between the builder and the consumer with some of the best-looking examples around. The Elliston is one such model and boasts everything that you’ll need to traverse your city in style. From fashionable mustache bars, a timeless flat-black design, and even an affixed bottle opener for those nights on the town, the Elliston is certainly an attractive proposition for riders who want to explore their surroundings at an affordable price point. A hearty steel frame, proprietary wheels, and peripherals pair with the Elliston’s ultra-light composition to create the quintessential touring bike.

Purchase: $470

Raleigh Redux 1

Raleigh’s Redux 1 was built to take the city by storm, promoting relaxed commutes, adventures, and expeditions to your favorite community hangouts. It’s essentially a mountain bike that was crafted to take on all of the unexpected obstacles that plague an urban commute, thanks to its lightweight aluminum frame and fork, an eight-gear rear wheel, and mechanical disc brakes to bring you to a stop at a moment’s notice. With the Redux 1, you’ll partake in smooth shifting, capable performance, and intuitive handling on any terrain, wet or dry, thanks to the addition of formidable all-terrain tires and adaptable design terminology.

Purchase: $550

Linus Roadster Sport 3i

Linus’ Roadster Sport 3i is the perfect all-arounder for riders who are looking to spend the majority of their daily commute on the blacktop. It features a unique internal gear system that keeps your vital components out of harm’s way, while still providing the ability to shift to your heart’s content. The Sport 3i is a true ultimate gentleman’s bike, boasting a Hi-ten steel frame, chromoly down tube, and polished peripherals throughout, giving it an aura of undisputed taste. Hand-stitched genuine brown leather grips and a brown leatherette touring saddle round everything out.

Purchase: $600

Haro Beasley 27.5

Haro’s Beasley 27.5 is a bit of a stretch, but thanks to a hybrid design that blends the best of both mountain, and city-faring cycles, it’s earned a place on our list of the best commuters. Aside from its sleek, shadowy looks, the Beasley is outfitted with a handful of the industry’s best components, including a 6000 series alloy frame, an internal threadless headset, and a rigid fork that’s been tapered to provide exceptional strength and durability, while cutting back on unneeded weight. It also features a performance-oriented Shimano groupset, which is comprised of an Acera eight-speed derailleur system, an Altus SL-M310 shifter, and the company’s renowned HG-200 12/32-tooth cassette. A pair of high-end Kenda Kwick Seven tires and capable alloy disc brakes will keep you rolling, and stopping, with ease, making your commute one of the best parts of your day.

Purchase: $620

Marin Presidio 1

Marin has more than enough experience when it comes to making high-quality bikes, and the Presidio 1 is a perfect example of that. This well-rounded cycle was conceptualized to bolster the company’s commuting range, and it does so through the introduction of internal gearing, well-performing disc brakes, a belt-driven drivetrain, and corrosion-resistant peripherals. While the Presidio 1 might look a bit on the fragile side, it’s actually the complete opposite, thanks to a durable 6061 Aluminum, 700C frame, Marin’s aluminum double-wall wheels, and forged aluminum alloy hubs. Pair these attributes with the bike’s internally-geared Shimano Nexus rear, U300 Flat-Mount Hydraulic Disc brakes, and a lightweight, forged alloy crankset, and you’ve everything you need to traverse your city’s hidden byways and back alleys.

Purchase: $680

Surly Flat Bar Cross-Check

Surly makes some of the best bicycles in the industry, and while their specialties lie in things like gravel and hybrid road bikes, the Flat Bar Cross-Check is a capable urban commuter that scratches the company’s city-faring itch. That doesn’t mean that this bad boy won’t take on some of the concrete jungle’s most adverse terrain, however. It’s been outfitted with a handful of durable, rugged parts, including a strengthened Surly 4130 CroMoly steel frame, a lugged/brazed 4130 CroMoly fork, and an entire collection of Shimano gear to bring it into the upper echelon of urban commuters. The Flat Bar Cross-Check doesn’t skimp when it comes to the implementation of top-end components, either; it’s filled to the brim with Cane Creek, Salsa, and Tektro peripherals that’ll make you the talk of your morning commute club.

Purchase: $925

Spot Acme

The Spot Acme is a sleek cycle that departs from the conventional styles we see in everyday commuters. It features a proprietary 7005 aluminum frame, which has been shaped, butted and tapered for additional strength and weight savings. Fender and rack mounts promote the bike’s use as a means of utility, giving it a secondary purpose outside of traditional transportation. However, what sets the Acme apart from the competition is its uncanny silhouette, which utilizes an SP Dynamo front hub to charge the bike’s front lights while in use, a next-generation Carbon Drive system that minimizes the need for lube and upkeep, and a Shimano Alfine 11-speed internally geared hub, that promotes simple shifting. If you’re looking for an advanced cycle that’s made with some of the cycling industry’s leading technologies, search no further than the Spot Acme.

Purchase: $2,000

Trek CrossRip+

Trek’s CrossRip+ is the perfect variant for riders who are looking to make their urban commute even easier. This one-of-a-kind e-bike thrives in the city, and thanks to its high-performance Bosch drive system, you’ll be able to zip from one side of town to the other at speeds of up to 28 miles-per-hour. For those who want to get where they’re going fast, the CrossRip+ features a dependable 11-speed SRAM Force 1 drivetrain, an intuitive Bosch Purion controller, and a frame-mounted 500Wh battery that’s both compact and efficient, offering an easily-rechargeable system that’ll keep you riding all day long.

Purchase: $4,000

Mosaic CT-1

Mosaic’s CT-1 rounds out our list with a perfect unison of style and form, offering riders a great-looking silhouette that’s both sleek, and robust at the same time. The bike’s frame is made from 3A/2.5V straight gauge titanium, giving it an unbeatable weight/strength ratio, and features a tapered fork, Chris King i8 headset, and a Shimano Metrea one-by groupset to provide the ultimate in seamless shifting, stopping, and traversal. Better yet, the CT-1 was built with dependable components that make maintenance an afterthought, meaning that you’ll spend more time enjoying the sights in your favorite city, and less time sitting around at the bicycle shop waiting for repairs.

Purchase: $4,450

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