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Our 10 Favorite Training Pieces from lululemon to Buy Right Now

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As the summer comes to a close, we might try to find ways to keep ourselves motivated to exercise or go to the gym. We can start with our clothing and accessories, which help keep us comfortable even when our training regimen approaches maximum intensity. From shorts to sweatshirts to accessories you didn’t even know you needed, lululemon has you covered across the board.

Founded in Canada in 1998, lululemon has risen to become an industry leader in activewear and even pioneered the idea of athleisure. Today, its range of styles offers elevated versatility and comfort that’s simply unmatched by anyone else. Setting standards for abrasion resistance and sweat-wicking, the company’s range of gear has allowed us to transpose casual attire to our active lifestyles without missing a beat. We’ve scoured lululemon’s web store and have compiled a guide of our favorite training pieces.

The Stretching Strap

Stretching is one of the most underutilized aspects of working out, and doing so can significantly improve your results and prevent injury. Always stay limber with The Stretching Strap by lululemon, a nylon padded band that’s elastic enough to increase your mobility before exercising.

Purchase: $34

Built to Move Long Boxer 7″

The value of comfortable and non-distracting boxer shorts can never go understated. These undergarments will help absorb sweat during a hard workout, yet built with snug Luxtreme fabric so that you’ll never even notice them or be required to stop your intense training to adjust.

Purchase: $38

Cold Terrain Running Neck Warmer

Your training shouldn’t have to cool down just because the weather does. There are ample benefits to running outside, such as the diversity of your terrain and the simple pleasures of changing scenery. To ensure that you don’t stay indoors this fall and winter, lululemon’s Cold Terrain Running Neck Warmer, built with the option to cover your nose and mouth, is made from brushed tech fleece and equipped with a four-way stretch so that you don’t ever feel constricted.

Purchase: $38

License to Train Training Gloves

Workout gloves are excellent for preserving your palms from corns and calluses while also enhancing your grip when lifting weights. The tip-less License to Train Training Gloves have padded polyester on the palm that’s perforated for ventilation and keep your fingers exposed for increased control. The nylon and elastane blend on the back wicks away sweat.

Purchase: $42

T.H.E. Linerless Short 7″

Available in an array of color options, the 7” T.H.E. (an acronym for “train hard every day”) Linerless Short is a medium-length option for activities such as basketball and powerlifting, equipped with a split hem so that your legs can breathe and move. Made from elastane and 100%-recycled polyester, these workout shorts are super lightweight, wick sweat, dry quickly, and have a four-way stretch.

Purchase: $68

Fast and Free Running Vest

Have you ever run with things in your pockets? Yeah, it’s not fun for us either. That’s why we opt for lululemon’s Fast and Free Running Vest when pounding the pavement, a solution for storing your gear snug to your upper torso where it won’t bounce around and drive you nuts. The vest comes with plenty of pockets, including both zippered and drop-in pouches for your phone, wallet, or keys. There are also two front pockets to store water flasks and a 1.5L hydration bladder in the back.

Purchase: $118

Surge Jogger

It’s reasonable to want to be able to take off or put on your sweatpants without needing to untie your shoes every time. Whether you’re heating up from an intense workout or trying to stay warm once it’s over, the Surge Joggers are built with a zippered cuff for easy transitions. The stretchy and quick-drying Lycra fabric retains your shape for a fitted feel each time.

Purchase: $118

All Day Essentials Large Duffle Bag 32L

Take your clothes and gear to and from the gym with the All Day Essentials Large Duffle Bag. Made from water-repellant nylon and recycled polyester lining, this 32L workout bag has either short-hold handles or a shoulder strap for versatility. The exterior features a zippered shoe pocket and an extra compartment for separating your soiled and sweaty linens from your clean clothes inside.

Purchase: $128

City Sweat Pullover Hoodie

A simple go-to sweatshirt is essential for keeping warm post-workout or for just bearing the cold air outside the gym. Sporting a classic silhouette, the City Sweat Pullover Hoodie is built from a polyester and cotton blend for maximum comfort. The Lycra fabric helps with shape retention and the breathable build allows it to dry quickly so that you’re not just sitting in your own sweat. The sleeves are articulated for better mobility in your elbows.

Purchase: $128

Ultra-Lightweight Pack 6.5L

Backpacks are great, but they’re not practical for every situation. Enter lululemon’s Ultra-Lightweight Pack, a 6.5L fanny pack hybrid bag attached to the back of an adjustable vest of sorts. The vest and waistbelt features gear loops for clipping items, while the bag itself is made from recycled nylon and is meant to hold your essentials, be it during a workout or throughout your everyday. Aside from the deceptively spacious interior compartment, the pack also has side pockets for water bottles and smaller items.

Purchase: $128