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The 10 Best Home Bar Gifts For Father’s Day

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Father’s Day is a time to show your appreciation for your dad and/or the dads and father figures in your life. And if you’re very lucky, it’s also an opportunity for you to spend some quality time with those men that have helped define you and your life. As such, this Father’s Day, it might be a good idea to pick up some gear that you can enjoy together.

While having a stiff drink with good company isn’t for everyone, there’s no denying the enjoyment, relaxation, and bonding such an experience can offer. And that’s managed much easier with the right home bar setup. It’s with this in mind that we’ve scraped together this collection of the best home bar gifts for this upcoming Father’s Day. So pick up something below and you’ll be better equipped to tip a glass to (and alongside) any and all dads, granddads, and/or other father figures in your life.

Oak & Eden Bourbon & Brew Whiskey

Put bluntly: a home bar isn’t really a home bar without the liquor. But rather than going for a generic, uninspired old standard, we’d put money down that the father figure in your life would really appreciate something a bit more interesting and unique, like the Oak & Eden Bourbon & Brew Whiskey. So good that it won a Double Gold medal at San Francisco World Spirits Competition, this beverage combines Oak & Eden’s smooth bourbon whiskey with West Oak Coffee’s cold brew — resulting in a smooth, complex balance of flavors that will have you coming back for more and more. And if you (or the dad you’re buying for) don’t love coffee, Oak & Eden offers a wide range of other exceptional whiskeys.

Purchase: $60

Aged & Infused Ruby Red Alcohol Infusion Kit

If you’re looking for a quick and easy way to put a little DIY spin on your dad’s favorite liquor this Father’s Day, go no further than the Aged & Infused Ruby Red Alcohol Infusion Kit. Capable of infusing up to 16oz of liquor, this simple kit comes with flavors of tangy grapefruit, tart lemon, and garden-fresh rosemary — making it perfect for Palomas and/or Gin and Tonics (or anything else perhaps a bit more experimental, like a spin on an Old Fashioned). All you have to do is add in the alcohol and wait.

Purchase: $20

Cocktail Codex: Fundamentals, Formulas, Evolutions

Even the most seasoned of home bartenders need a little refresher or some new ideas from time to time. And you can absolutely not go wrong with this recipe book from the same mad scientists behind Death & Co, the fabled NYC craft cocktail bar. Across over 300 pages, readers will find tasty recipes with detailed instructions, gorgeous full-color photos, and so much more.

Purchase: $20

Good Cigar Co. Voyager Pack

Do you know what goes really well with a few fingers of really good whiskey? A couple of cigars. If your dad also appreciates a good stogie from time to time, you can’t go wrong with the Good Cigar Co. Voyager Pack. This sealed bag contains a pair of top-notch medium-bodied cigars kept at the exact right humidity — meaning they’re practically fresh from the factory by the time you’ll light them up. Better yet, each kit comes with a cigar cutter and matches to boot.

Purchase: $25

W&P Bartender’s Knife

Somehow, a knife is simultaneously one of the most valuable and one of the most underrated pieces of gear you can have in your home bar. You can use them to cut ingredients, peel and/or zest fruit, and even pick up garnishes (so you don’t compromise the container or get your fingers all messy). And they simply don’t get better than the W&P Bartender’s Knife you see here with its premium steel blade and hardwood handle.

Purchase: $34

Whiskey Peaks Mountain Decanter

While the flavor benefits of a whiskey decanter are perhaps not as legitimate as some would like to believe, there’s no denying the allure of their looks and overall vibe (Don Draper, anyone?), especially when they’re as beautiful and well-considered as the Whiskey Peaks Mountain Dectanter. This container is crafted from 100% lead-free handblown glass, can hold up to 34 ounces, and has its own sturdy stopper.

Purchase: $65

Vargo Titanium Funnel Flask

A novel spin on one of the most classic and iconic gifts for any man (and still very much a must-have), the Vargo Titanium Funnel Flask is perfect for people that like to bring the party with them. This is because — along with its super-sturdy titanium construction, 8oz capacity, and leakproof screw-on lid — it has an integrated silicon funnel, which allows for mess-free refills on-the-go.

Purchase: $75

Filson Wolf Head Bottle Opener

Every home bar needs a bottle opener, but not every bottle opener is worthy of being incorporated into your father’s home bar. In fact, most don’t come close to the quality and uniqueness of the Filson Wolf Head Bottle Opener you see before you with its solid iron construction, leather lanyard (for easier hanging storage), and USA-made pedigree. This is the kind of bottle opener that was designed for generations of service.

Purchase: $95

Growlerwerks Experimentalist Kit

Perhaps the dad in your life likes to get a little clever with his cocktails or maybe you just want to encourage a bit of experimentation. Either way, you can do no wrong with the Growlerwerks Experimentalist kit. Either way, picking up this kit gives you access to a 64oz pressurized growler, both CO2 and nitro charges, and an infusion kit. And yes, it can be used with both beer and cocktails, lending it a bit more versatility than other growlers.

Purchase: $179

Arnolfo di Cambrio Blade Runner Glasses

Yes, these are the actual rocks glasses used in the sci-fi phenomenon better known as Blade Runner. Of course, the pop culture connection is only one of the many things that makes these glasses so exceptional. Along with that inescapable truth, they’re also hand-crafted in Italy, sized to fit a double, and they come in a two-pack.

Purchase: $195

West Elm Fulton Bar Cart

Even the best laid-out kitchens often don’t account for home bar gear. As such, a bar cart can be a great way to keep all your home bar gear organized, on display, and convenient. And you definitely can’t go wrong with the West Elm Fulton you see here. It’s built from solid metal, has a quartet of omnidirectional casters (of which two lock for security), and it boasts sturdy glass shelves to house all your bottles and accessories.

Purchase: $399

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