Best Chefs Knives

Tempered Steel: The 9 Best Chef’s Knives

Any job is easier when you are using the right equipment, and gets much harder whenever you are forced to use something inferior. This goes for everything from stock car racing all the way down to the simple task of … Continue reading


Flare Pans Developed By A Rocket Scientist 1

Flare Pans Developed By A Rocket Scientist

After all the years of people saying “you don’t have to be a rocket scientist to ___,” we have finally found out what one really does have to be a rocket scientist for: to create high-performance cooking pans. Yes, the … Continue reading


Secret Stash Bolt Safe

Secret Stash Bolt Safe

Crooks are smarter these days. Not Jeopardy!-smart, but surely smart enough to check the old standby places for spare keys, cash, or blueprints for the next Death Star. But are they smart enough, or more accurately, patient enough to look … Continue reading


Ciclotte Futuristic Unicycle Exercise Bike 1

Ciclotte Futuristic Unicycle Exercise Bike

Aside from the always hot Charlize Theron, we previously couldn’t think of anything else we’d want in our homes from the set of Prometheus. If you saw that semi-prequel to Alien, you know there was some icky ish going down there. … Continue reading


Recycled Cork Surfboards 1

Recycled Cork Surfboards

Surfboards are made from all sorts of material, but this is the first time we’ve ever featured ones made entirely from recycled cork stoppers. Led by two young designers from Murcia, Spain, the firm known as Richpeoplethings is introducing the … Continue reading


Best Weed Eaters Wackers

String Theory: The 7 Best Weed Eaters

Weeds. They come into your yard, leave gaping holes in your lawn, choke your azalea bushes, and make lewd comments about your girlfriend. They’re a scourge. A blight on right-thinking people who are just trying to put a little more … Continue reading


Infinity Pillow 1

Infinity Pillow

Like that 25th guy on an MLB roster who can play short, second, right field, catcher, and even sell peanuts if has to, the Infinity Pillow is all about versatility. Modeled after the Möbius strip, this jack-of-all-comfort-trades is at your … Continue reading


Float Water Relaxation Cap And Support 1

Float Water Relaxation Cap And Support

Therapy, so we hear, can be costly. Plus there’s the whole guy-sitting-on-a-couch-judging-us thing to deal with. So how does water therapy sound? Better. Wetter and better. Float comes to us from Iceland, a country which we just found out has … Continue reading


Victorinox SwissCard Lite 1

Victorinox SwissCard Lite

Chances you’ve already got a whole lot of cards in your wallet, and we’d be willing to bet you’d prefer that most of them never come out (see credit cards). Well Victorinox(the same team responsible for the iconic Swiss Army … Continue reading


Yeti Hopper 1

Yeti Hopper

Yeti is known for building some of the absolute best coolers on the planet. Problem is, sometimes a big bulky cooler is just overkill for what’s on the agenda. With that in mind, the brand created the Yeti Hopper. Just … Continue reading