Orange Chef Cos Smart Food Scale- The Prep Pad 1

Prep Pad Smart Food Scale by Orange Chef Co

Just when you thought you had every kitchen gadget you could ever want, we’ve stumbled upon another one for you to add to your culinary homebase: The Orange Chef Co’s Smart Food Scale, the Prep Pad, the perfect invention for … Continue reading


Best HD Camcorders

Moving Pictures: The 7 Best HD Camcorders

The word “camcorder” has fallen into serious disuse. Those of us who once owned parachute pants or can still cough up all the words to “Ice, Ice Baby” still think of them as massive devices that could only be lifted … Continue reading


Wink Relay Smart Home Controller 0

Wink Relay Smart Home Controller

If you like the idea of unlatching yourself from your phone when you’re home, yet still having control over your connected tech, keep an eye out for the Wink Relay Smart Home Controller. The goal is to replace a light switch … Continue reading


Libratone Diva Soundbar 0

Libratone Diva Soundbar

No matter how great your TV’s resolution capabilities are, there’s a good chance that the unit’s sound quality would be vastly improved by pairing it with a soundbar. Libratone’s Diva Soundbar is one of the first we’ve seen that puts … Continue reading


BlueLounge Soba Cable Organizer 0

BlueLounge Soba Cable Organizer

Technology is great. It’s brought us everything from 4K to televisions and soundbars to video game consoles and iMacs. But, what is one to do with all these wires? The folks at BlueLounge have the perfect solution in their Soba … Continue reading



Beartooth Radio Smartphone Case

So you and a buddy are traversing the Adirondacks in search of the elusive titmouse (we won’t ask why, but we have our suspicions), when you realize you’re separated and more lost than Lost. And wait—no cell signal? What do … Continue reading


Sound Blaster Roar SR20

Creative Sound Blaster Roar SR20

When you’re, say, an NFL running back, defying the law is not a good thing. But when you’re the maker of a new Bluetooth wireless speaker, defying the “laws of acoustic engineering” is actually a big selling point. And that’s … Continue reading


Deeper Smart Portable Fishfinder

Deeper Smart Portable Fishfinder

We’ve never been big fans of toting along our smartphones and tablets on fishing trips (seeing that fishing gives us a chance to truly disconnect), but the Deeper Fishfinder might have us reconsidering. That’s because this bad boy really gives … Continue reading


Best Handheld GPS

Lost and Found: The 6 Best Handheld GPS

Putting a GPS on your wrist or into your car is fine if you’re strictly an urban or suburban adventurer who plans on roughing it in the wilds of south Brooklyn or taking a survival trek along Mulholland, but they won’t … Continue reading


Relonch Camera Case for Apple iPhone 1

Relonch Camera Case for Apple iPhone

The gap between capable cameras and smartphones continues to close quickly, and the Relonch Camera Case would like to be the nail in the coffin. Although we doubt that will be happening anytime soon, this iPhone case has piqued our interest. … Continue reading