Jimi iMac USB Extension for iMac 1

Jimi iMac USB Extension

Anyone that owns an iMac knows just how frustrating it can be attempting to plug a device into the rear USB ports, blindly scratching up your beautiful computer. Damage your iMac no more with the ingenious Jimi. The design team … Continue reading


Star Wars R2-D2 USB Car Charger 0

Star Wars R2-D2 USB Car Charger

When you’re looking to refuel your smartphone (whether it be an Android powered device or an iPhone), there’s no better droid for the job than R2-D2 himself. That’s right, this officially licensed Star Wars USB car charger is shaped just … Continue reading


Best AirPlay Speakers

Cut the Cord: The 10 Best AirPlay Speakers

Even with Bluetooth and Wi-Fi networks that can move information faster than office rumors, the ability to transmit wireless audio has always been hit or miss, especially for the true fan who wants high fidelity that can blow the doors … Continue reading


TomTom Multi-Sport Cardio Watch

TomTom Multi-Sport Cardio Watch

For the legitimate runners (the ones who don’t stop at Wendy’s on the way back), there’s always a risk of getting lost when running in a new city. The lightweight and slim TomTom Multi-Sport Cardio watch solves that problem – … Continue reading


Shimano CM-1000 Sport Camera 1

Shimano CM-1000 Sport Camera

GoPro may have opened the doors for action cameras, but these days, it’s a pool of serious competition. Shimano plans to add their offering to the mix this summer with the release of the Shimano CM-1000 Sport Camera. So you … Continue reading


Dell Latitude Rugged Extreme Notebooks 0

Dell Latitude Rugged Extreme Notebooks

Taking out your workday frustrations on a stress ball or dart board just doesn’t offer the same visceral punch that say, slamming your laptop to the ground would. But then there’s that pesky issue of getting it to work ever … Continue reading


Glowdeck Wireless Charging Speaker System 0

Glowdeck Wireless Charging Speaker System

As technology continues to march forward, consumers continue to demand more from their devices. We expect everything to be “smart,” Blueooth speakers included. Say hello to the innovative Glowdeck. Sure the Glowdeck will wireless play your music through its built-in, … Continue reading


Best Action Cameras

Into the Fray: The 7 Best Action Cameras

Whether you’re an aspiring filmmaker or just a sports enthusiast who wants to document every painful dirt bike crash you will ever go through, the one must-have item on your list is an action camera. While many shoppers will immediately … Continue reading


Hisy Bluetooth Remote For Selfies 0

Hisy Bluetooth Remote For Selfies

Pity the poor alligator, unable to take a selfie with his terribly short alligator arms. But now there’s help on the way for the alligator, any surviving T-Rexes, and everybody else who wants to take a picture of themselves without having … Continue reading


Driving Curve 0

Driving Curve: Gamify Your Drive Home

‘Gamification’ has become a hot trend in recent years. It basically means using video game-like principles or mechanics in non-game contexts for education, business, fitness, or some other objective. In the case of Drive Curve, it’s gaming for the iPhone-owning, … Continue reading