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Lava Music’s Third-Gen Carbon Fiber Guitar Boasts a Built-in Touchscreen

Merely seven months removed from revealing the Lava Me 2, Lava Music’s latest carbon fiber guitar looks to enhance your musicianship tenfold by looking to the future. Introducing the Lava Me 3, an entirely reimagined smart guitar equipped with a 3.5-inch touchscreen and the brand’s newly implemented HILAVA OS.

While Lava’s prior models pride themselves on being immensely lightweight pieces of equipment, their latest continues the trends while also adding a bevy of other high-tech features to sweeten the pot. Boasting a refined Honeycomb composition, AirSonic 2.0 carbon fiber construction, and an upgraded form of the previous model’s internal FreeBoost speaker, the new generation brings their upgraded FreeBoost 2.0 tech to the forefront, providing a robust sound to neighbor the guitar’s futuristic look and feel. But what really sets the Lava Me 3 apart from its predecessors is the integrated 3.5-inch touchscreen running on HILAVA OS. The setup includes a bevy of apps that cover everything from built-in tuning and effects to multi-track recording, social media sharing, and a robust practice app that offers five unique modes and real-time feedback.

Available in six colors and either 36-inch or 38-inch versions, Lava Music’s latest is a seamless blend of form and function, with a heaping dose of technology thrown in for good measure. The Lava Me 3 is available from the brand’s website now starting from $999.

Purchase: $999+