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Sony Finally Unveils Its Own PS5 Faceplates in a Range of Colors

Since the PlayStation 5 hit the market last fall, Sony thwarted any and all DIY gaming companies from designing any form of faceplates for its newly coveted console. While getting your hands on an actual PS5 this holiday season is virtually impossible, the global gaming company has finally unveiled its own set of console covers, and a handful of new controller colors, too.

At long last, these eye-grabbing faceplates will be available in a handful of colors, all of which are said to be “galaxy-inspired,” with the names surely going to show for it. This new unveil from Sony comes in your option of Cosmic Red, Galactic Blue, Midnight Purple, Nova Pink, and Midnight Black, the latter of which was recently shown off on a recently-released DualSense controller. Moreover, each of the respective colors have been revealed as controller options, as well. To the chagrin of Etsy craftsmen, Sony’s highly anticipated variety of choices looks to provide a futuristic splash of color to your next-gen console.

Currently available for pre-order and set to ship out from Sony on January 18th, the listing price for each cover is a reasonable $55. While the only two colors available at the moment are Midnight Black and Cosmic Red, the astral-themed variety of DualSense controllers are currently up in each color for $75 and look to ship on January 14th.

Purchase: $55+