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Shokz Updates Its Flagship Headphones with the Quick-Charging OpenRun

In the audio world, it’s hard to find a company that genuinely deviates from the norm. With a surfeit of wireless buds crowding the market, some names are still looking to manufacture their statement products. After successfully pulling off their rebrand, the band formerly known as Aftershokz is now doing so with its reimagined flagship model, the OpenRun, an improved rendition of the brand’s lightweight bone conduction headphones.

Ten years removed from introducing this technology, Shokz is making waves (or rather, vibrations) with its bone conduction headphones again. Formerly known as the Aerorox, the newly-unveiled OpenRun headphones garner far more than a mere name change. With an extremely convenient makeup of merely 26 grams, they are Shokx’s lightest pair of headphones to date, and still manage to deliver impeccable sonic prowess. Making use of their patented, eighth-gen bone conduction technology, these IP67-waterproof headphones may just prove to be every athlete’s dream pair. While all this is enticing, the main new feature that differs from the Aerorox is the OpenRun’s quick charge capabilities, as it can run for about an hour and a half after a mere 10-minute juice-up.

By way of a partial rebrand and an improved mainstay, Shokx is looking to set the standard as far as bone conduction headphones are concerned — now it’s only a matter of time until every other tech brand under the sun has their hand at inventing a new pair. Available in a quartet of colors and two different sizes, the Shokx OpenRun headphones are available on the brand’s site for $130.

Purchase: $130

Photo: Shokz