Best Soundbars

Pump Up The Volume: The 5 Best Soundbars

As televisions have gotten thinner, the picture has improved exponentially. Colors are brighter, blacks are deeper, and the overall visual experience has become so cinematic that many people prefer their homes to the theater. Though the visual spectrum has improved, … Continue reading


Best Cable Modems

Wired for Fire: The 5 Best Cable Modems

When you have a cable internet connection it is very common to just pay a monthly rental cost to the provider so they can stick you with one of their shabby, third-rate hunks of equipment which may or may not … Continue reading


Jibo- The Worlds First Family Robot 00

Jibo: The World’s First Family Robot

Want your very own WALL-E? We sure as hell do. And that’s why we’re pretty stoked by this Indiegogo project that promises to bring a friendly, playful, and helpful robot into your homes by late next year. Meet Jibo, billed … Continue reading


Star Trek Original Series Phaser Universal Remote Control 0

Star Trek Phaser Remote Control

Prepare to go into… your best… Captain Kirk… impression. Because with this highly detailed Star Trek Original Series Phaser Universal Remote Control, you might be tempted to beam up your best Shatner, Nimoy, or even that guy who played Scotty. … Continue reading


Best Blenders

In The Mix: The 9 Best Blenders

Some people do yoga. Some people meditate. Some people blend. With the rise of interest in healthy eating and healthy living the blender (along with juicers) is becoming an important part of the modern kitchen. More and more it is … Continue reading


Quest Smartphone-Controlled Robot Submarine 1

Quest Smartphone-Controlled Robot Submarine

RC cars have been taken to a new level in recent years thanks to smartphone apps, and now those same technologies are being applied to the world of RC submersibles as well. Quest is a robot submarine that can be … Continue reading


Best WiFi Wireless Routers

Wavelengths: The 9 Best Wireless Routers

In this day in age your television, radio, phone, and even your heat could go out and you’d be perfectly fine. On the other hand, if your Wi-Fi goes down you will begin fervently praying to whatever god you believe … Continue reading


R-KAID-R Handcrafted Portable Arcade System 1

R-KAID-R Handcrafted Portable Arcade System

When it comes to portable gaming systems, something like the PS Vita or NVIDIA Shield certainly represents modern technology well. But what if “modern” is not your highest priority? What if retro styling and classy craftsmanship are your goals? Enter … Continue reading


Best Robotic Lawnmowers

Love Machines: The 5 Best Robot Lawnmowers

Paul Bunyan and John Henry were both pitted against machines to prove that pure muscle and manpower could do a better job than any robot. They were wrong. If you think that you’re more man than them, we wish you … Continue reading


iZZi Slim Camera Case 0

iZZi Slim Camera Case

While Apple is getting ready to take the wraps off the iPhone 6, we think it’d be silly to abandon the iPhone 5/5s anytime soon if you have one. Instead, why not invest in it? The iZZi Slim Camera Case … Continue reading