Adobe Creative Cloud Moleskine Notebook 1

Adobe Creative Cloud Moleskine Notebook

No one wants to the fine folks at No. 2 Pencil (if that’s even a company, we’re not sure) to go out of business. That’s why products like the Creative Cloud Moleskine notebook are so pivotal. They keep the pencil … Continue reading


XOO Charging Belt by Nifty 1

XOO Charging Belt by Nifty

Brace yourselves, but we may have discovered the cure to the sagging pants epidemic that has plagued America for two decades. And the idea was so simple all along: phone-charging belts. The XOO Belt incorporates battery-charging tech into its full-grain tanned … Continue reading


Oh Wow Ring Light 1

DLSR Camera LED Ring Light by Oh! Wow.

Making a little coin on the side as a photographer used to require an investment of thousands of dollars, but with affordable DSLR cameras out there, and now a little something called the Oh! Wow. Ring Light, you’re one step … Continue reading


Hush Smart Earplugs 1

Hush Smart Earplugs

It was only a matter of time before earplugs got the “smart” treatment, and that time has come. Meet Hush, the world’s first smart earplugs. If you’re anything like us, your first thought might be, “Why in the world would … Continue reading


JBL Horizon Alarm Clock- Wake Up With Light 1

JBL Horizon Alarm Clock: Wake Up With Light

In our world, if it’s 9AM or earlier, every alarm clock sounds like the drill instructor from Full Metal Jacket—too loud. That’s not to say we don’t sometimes need to be called a maggot or told that we look like … Continue reading


K5 Security Guard Robot 1

K5 Security Guard Robot

Have you ever been a security guard? We have. Low pay. Embarrassing uniforms. And a walkie talkie as our lone weapon. “Stop thief! Before I antenna you to annoyance!” So it’s with little surprise and even less sadness that we … Continue reading


Dropcam Pro 1

Dropcam Pro

What’s going on at your house while you’re away? If it involves the mailman doing anything other than delivering your mail, you might wanna look into that. The Dropcam Pro is a Wi-Fi wireless video monitoring camera that’s totally on … Continue reading


Technophile Holiday Gift Guide 2014

The Wishlist: The Technophile’s Holiday Gift Guide

Technology moves at a lightning pace, which makes the technophile in your life both the easiest and the hardest person to buy for. He can use anything that plugs into a wall, but every present is going to be out … Continue reading


Leica M4-2 Safari Prototype 1

Leica M4-2 Safari Prototype

We all know that with baseball cards and comic books, the “oops” editions tend to be the major collector’s items. Got that discontinued ’02 Bonds Topps card where he’s seen swinging a giant syringe? Hold onto it! But yeah, the … Continue reading


Prynt Polaroid Camera Case for Smartphones 1

Prynt Polaroid Camera Case for Smartphones

Prynt was founded earlier this year for one simple reason, to be Instagram in real life. The brand’s innovative case lets you print photos from your camera in a matter of seconds. The French based company’s case is currently in … Continue reading