Best Waterproof Cameras

A Pirate’s Life: The 5 Best Waterproof Cameras

When you want to record jumping out of a plane or getting into a katana fight during the Cherry Blossom Festival in Japan to avenge your daughter’s honor, you need an action camera. When you have to capture your adorkable … Continue reading


Best Smart Watches

Timing is Everything: The 5 Best Smartwatches

Is it too hard for you to reach all the way down into your pocket to pull out your phone? Do you need a piece of wearable tech that will vibrate disconcertingly against your flesh each time you receive a … Continue reading


Killerspin Throw II Table Tennis Robot

Killerspin Throw II Table Tennis Robot

Ready to become a real-life Forrest Gump? No, not with the whole soldier thing, or shrimp thing, or walking across the country thing. In this case, we mean the ping pong thing. The Killerspin Throw II table tennis robot can … Continue reading


Best Rechargeable Batteries

Powered Up: 6 Best Rechargeable Batteries

It wasn’t too long ago that everyone used disposable batteries. The only people who had rechargeable batteries were the strange folks up the street who owned chickens and whose house smelled like patchouli. These days, between environmental consciousness and trying … Continue reading


Best Beer Apps

9 Best Apps For Beer Lovers

There are apps for just about every hobby you can think of. Drinking coffee, painting, kntting, RC Cars–they all have their own apps. Beer drinking isn’t any different. In fact, there is quite an abundance of apps aimed at beer … Continue reading


Motorola Moto Stream 1

Motorola Moto Stream

If you’ve got some older tech in your house, that doesn’t necessarily mean you have to watch the Bluetooth party bus roll on by. Motorola’s Moto Stream promises to, in effect, turn every speaker in your house into a wireless speaker, … Continue reading


Best Bluetooth Wireless Headphones

Calling an Audible: 9 Best Bluetooth Wireless Headphones

Believe it or not, Bluetooth technology first appeared in 1998, the same year that Matchbox 20 was topping the charts and teenage girls were dragging their poor, misguided boyfriends to the theater to watch Titanic over and over. During that … Continue reading


Microsft Fun Facts

Rich Nerds: 13 Things You Might Not Know About Microsoft

While Microsoft is everywhere and has been around for what seems like forever, there are lots of things about Bill Gates and his company you probably don’t know. We all know that college dropouts Gates and Allen formed Microsoft back … Continue reading


Best USB Flash Drives

Secret Stash: The 6 Best USB Flash Drives

With cloud storage systems, external hard drives, and the ever-popular tape backups, there are many ways to store your data but few of them are as portable, reliable, and easy as the USB flash drive. Servers crash, hard drives bug out, … Continue reading


Vesaro I Evolve Extreme Racing Simulator 1

Vesaro I Evolve Extreme Racing Simulator

If you thought a few quarters worth of Pole Position were as close as you could get to pure racing simulation, first of all, wow… have you been locked inside an arcade since 1983? Everybody knows Pole Position II is … Continue reading