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Nitecore Now Has a 3,300-Lumen Flashlight That Weighs Just 3oz

Nitecore MH12 Pro Flashlight 0 Hero
Photo: Nitecore

In just a decade and a half, Nitecore has become a dominant force in the flashlight and outdoor tech space with its incredibly versatile and innovative range of gadgets including a portable charger that can operate in sub-zero temperatures and a 0.56-inch EDC stick capable of putting out 3,000 lumens. Now, it’s outdone itself once again with the MH12 PRO, which will pave the way for its future flashlight models.

Nitecore MH12 Pro Flashlight 1
Photo: Nitecore

With high light and beam density, the MH12 PRO is the first from the brand to utilize UHi 40 LED from its sister company NiteLab. This tech optimizes power and distance for the 40W flashlight, which yields a whopping 3,300 lumens and 827 lumens per square millimeter. Super compact at just 5.45” and 2.89oz, the stick can throw its beam up to 505m (~1,657ft), which easily wallops almost any other flashlight of its size. Designed to decrease its brightness and power if the optical sensor detects an object directly obscuring the light, the MH12 PRO features five brightness settings, along with strobe, beacon, and SOS functions.  At its lowest setting, the 5,300mAh Lithium-ion battery has an operating time of 650 hours (30 minutes at its highest) and can be recharged with a USB-C cable. There are two operating buttons — a tactical clicker on the bottom and a daily-use clicker on the side — and a level and power indicator on the side. 

Nitecore MH12 Pro Flashlight 2
Photo: Nitecore

Perfect for holding with gloves or sweaty hands, the CNC-machined housing has 1mm of knurling and is IP68 rated, making it dustproof, waterproof submersible up to 2m, and impact-resistant at 1m. For hooking onto your bag or backpack via a MOLLE attachment, the detachable two-way clip features two mounting slots as well.

Nitecore MH12 Pro Flashlight 3
Photo: Nitecore

The MH12 PRO is currently available for pre-order from Nitecore’s website for just $90.