SolSource Solar Powered Grill

SolSource Solar Powered Grill

We’re not going to lie, and pretend we don’t prefer to grill up some burgers and dogs on a nice, old fashioned charcoal grill. That doesn’t mean we don’t like to explore the different options out there, and the SolSource Grill is one of those options that caught our attention.

Designed by the San Francisco based team at One Earth Designs, this eco-conscious grill allows you to harness the power of the sun to BBQ your favorite foods. A standard gas grill pumps out 4x more emissions than your home stove, and our charcoal grills are even worse (around 8x the stove), but the SolSource puts out no harmful emissions. The solar powered grill also requires no fuel of any kind, and can heat up in just a matter of minutes. Our favorite part is that it’s really not a stationary device, so it can be used in your backyard or on the go. The project has taken to Kickstarter to seek funding. [Via]

SolSource Solar Powered Grill 2

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