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BMW M8 Concept CarAfter all the delay and rumors, it looks like German luxury auto maker BMW is still working on the highly anticipated BMW M8.

Over the years we have encountered several different concepts for the vehicle, and now it looks like we are creeping a bit closer to the reality of a successor to the popular 1981 BMW M1 model. Details are still being hashed out between big wigs at Bimmer, as CEO Norbert Reithofer doesn’t quite see it, but M Division president Friedrich Nitschke is determined to make this thing a reality. No word on when this thing will end up seeing the light of day, but we are definitely liking what we see so far. [Via]

BMW M8 Concept Car (4)

BMW M8 Concept Car (3)

BMW M8 Concept Car (2)

BMW M8 Concept Car (1)

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