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Spice up Your Next Dinner Party with Fly By Jing’s Hot Pot Starter Set

Photo: Fly By Jing

It’s safe to say that the culinary space is booming with innovation in unprecedented ways. The Covid-19 pandemic and quarantines have forced many people to stay inside and turn to their kitchens for comfort. This new trend has led to the emergence of premium condiments and hot sauces in droves. One such brand that has fought through the noise and into prominence is Fly By Jing, which captured our hearts and stomachs with its delectable Sichuan Chili Crisp and Zhong Sauce. The brand now looks to expand its business model into the cookware space with the release of its first hot pot set.

For those who haven’t experienced the deliciousness of a hot pot meal, it’s a dining experience that originated in China where people sit around a pot of broth and add in different meats and vegetables to cook. Think of it as the soupy cousin to fondue. Fly By Jing’s hot pot set includes a stylized red electric 2.5L hot pot that features a temperature dial, a glass lid, heat-safe handles, and an easy-read power indicator light. The starter set also comes with two sets of silver chopsticks that sport Fly By Jing’s signature lightning bolt logo, as well as two slotted spoons that feature a bend at their tops so they can rest on the pot’s edge without falling into the blazing hot broth.

Of course, this would hardly be a starter set if it didn’t come with the brand’s Fire Hot Pot Base. This hot and tangy base is Fly By Jing’s all-natural, sugar-free, vegan, and MSG-free soup base that only requires added broth or water to create a spicy, tingly, mouth-numbing soup. It features a satiating blend of ginger, star anise, clove, and Sichuan pepper that will shock your palate with its complex flavors.

One packet of the Fly By Jing Soup Base feeds two to three people, but a full hot pot will feed up to six. With the Super Bowl and the Winter Olympics right around the corner, this starter set hot pot is an excellent way to spice up a dinner party or sporting event. Fly By Jing’s hot pot starter set can be purchased on its website for $135.

Purchase: $135

Photo: Fly By Jing
Photo: Fly By Jing