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The Wishlist: 15 Best Gifts for the Chef

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Whether they do it for a living or just started doing it because they watched The Bear, we all have a chef in our lives, and many of them are (typically) good at it. And if there’s anything as stressful to keep up with around this time of year as buying gifts, then it’s undoubtedly cooking massive holiday meals for friends and family members. Sure, they might love doing it, but that doesn’t mean you can’t help make it easier on them. So, we cooked up a guide to the best gifts for the chef, be it home or professional.

Photo: Flint and Tinder

FLINT AND TINDER Brad Leone Waxed Apron

No one wants to spend the morning getting dressed and then run amock around the kitchen only to find a major stain on their shirt. Luckily, Flint and Tinder’s handsome waxed apron is remarkably functional and has a strap built to take on the biggest of spatulas.


Whether you prefer new-age takes on American classics or something a bit more upscale, any cookbook from this trio has a wide collection of recipes and techniques every chef should know.

Photo: Verve Culture

verve culture villa real Mexican hot chocolate

Mexican hot chocolate is arguably the beverage’s most delectable form and this artisanal collection of cocoa is a fully-natural alternative made with vegan ingredients.

Photo: Rosle


From creme brulee to french onion soup, this torch accelerates any chef’s cooking or baking process thanks to its hair-raising 2372°F maximum temperature.

Photo: OSMO

osmo salt rechargeable grinder set

It’s time to ignore the inescapable man who’s been sprinkling salt by hand across the internet, and this sleek, rechargeable, automatic grinder set is a seamless way to keep things hands-free and well-seasoned.

Photo: Vitamix

Vitamix immersion blender

With winter right around the corner, this premium immersion blender from Vitamix is the perfect gift for soup lovers and sauciers, as it leaves much less of a mess than the traditional blender.

Photo: Brightland


For olive oil to be deemed trendy, it must be doing something right, which is why Brightland’s flavorful array is the perfect gift for cooking meals or drizzling on top of them.

Photo: Evermill

evermill core countertop spice rack

Bring some flavor to any kitchen with this aromatic blend of small-batch spices that are a far cry from your average grocery store options.

Photo: SMEG


Functionally, the SMEG Toaster may pale in comparison to modernized smart appliances, but that’s the point. That said, Its retro-inspired design is too hard to ignore, deeming it one of the best additions to anyone’s countertop.

Photo: Le Creuset


Baking bread turned into one of everyone’s go-to activities when COVID first hit, but that doesn’t mean it hasn’t stuck around since. Le Creuset’s top-of-the-line Bread Oven features a domed lid to achieve the perfect crust.

Photo: KitchenAid

Kitchenaid classic series stand mixer

You’ve seen this iconic stand mixer in movie kitchens, cooking shows, and more for a reason. KitchenAid’s flagship kitchen gadget boasts 59 touchpoints that guarantee the smoothest result no matter what you toss in the bowl.

Photo: Phillips

Phillips Pasta Maker Plus

While making focaccia at home had its fifteen minutes of fame, pumping out fresh pasta deserves its time in the spotlight, too. Thanks to Phillips, its day has come, as this premium appliance makes four different shapes from virtually any ingredient.

Photo: Breville

Breville smart air fryer oven pro

Keep kitchens smart all season long with a little help from Breville. The mainstay manufacturer’s top-tier hybrid oven/air fryer boasts 13 different cooking functions to tackle every kitchen need.

Photo: New West Knife Works

New west knife 8″ western chef knife

Finding the perfect chef’s knife is like finding a needle in a haystack, but this well-made option from New West KnifeWorks might be the one. The American manufacturer’s Western option boasts an aerospace-grade handle and 8.5” blade made of high-performance steel.

Photo: Caraway

caraway cookware set

Premium cookware is one of the best gifts you can give a home chef, which is where Caraway comes into play. The brand’s thoughtfully designed, ceramic-coated cookware retains heat like no other and is available in a bevy of color options.

Photo: Ooni


There aren’t many kitchen (or outdoor) gadgets as coveted as a premium pizza oven, and Ooni’s multi-fuel-powered option is hard to top. Capable of reaching 950°F in a mere 15 seconds, the Karu 16 can cook a personal pie up in no time.