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KEF’s LS60 Is the First Single Point Source Wireless Speaker Ever

Playing music straight from your phone to a receiver has never been easier. New models of wireless earbuds and wireless speakers are cropping up every week. However, before now, the audio hasn’t been covering the full spectrum of sound. That’s where KEF comes in, now celebrating its 60th anniversary of innovation in the audio world.

KEF’s new LS60 wireless speakers feature the company’s proprietary Single Apparent Source technology, which now builds off the success of its flagship Blade speakers. Essentially, this means the full frequency spectrum — lows, mids, and highs — is being delivered from a single point source rather than several different point sources in order to achieve an acoustic ideal for the listener and maximize immersion into your music or movies. With the LS60, however, that cutting-edge tech is now fully wireless, both between the speakers and your devices and between each other.

Connecting via WiFi or Bluetooth, the speakers can also be plugged into your stereo or TV with HDMI, optical, RCA, or coaxial cables for those of you who like it a bit more old school. Fortunately, the speakers themselves would be notable even if it weren’t for the wireless advancements. KEF’s in-house Uni-Q and Uni-Core drivers are equipped for unbelievable acoustic accuracy and performance, with a rich sound that few other speakers can provide.

The KEF LS60 Wireless speakers each stand 43in tall, come in gray, white, or blue colorways, and support all major music services and audio formats. They’re available now for pre-order at a $7,000 price point for the pair, with shipments estimated for June.

Purchase: $7,000

Photo: KEF