TAG Heuer’s Latest Connected Golf Watch Automatically Tracks Your Drives

Golfers are always on the hunt for new ways in which they can shave a few strokes off their game, and TAG Heuer has just unveiled one of the most innovative we’ve seen in the latest generation of its Connected golf watch.

The TAG Heuer Connected Calibre E4 Golf Edition features a litany of new features designed to make your day on the fairway easier than ever. The OLED display has been improved with better contrast, allowing for great readability even in sunlight. The battery lasts 30% longer than previous generations and will go all day — even accounting for five hours of golf functions use. And the interface has been completely redesigned for greater ease of use, including when it comes to navigating the detailed 2D maps of over 40,000 courses worldwide for info on distances and hazards.

Perhaps the most compelling new feature of the watch is the automated shot-tracker. For the first time, the Connected Golf Edition can automatically detect when you’re swinging the club with its accelerometer and gyroscope, activating its tracking features without you having to do a thing. It then stops tracking once you take a second swing (the feature only works for drives, for now), automatically storing your drive data for you. This feature promises to give wearers more insight than ever into their game.

Available in both 42mm and 45mm versions, the TAG Heuer Connected Calibre E4 Golf Edition has a case made of matte black sandblasted titanium with an 18-hole ceramic bezel. The watch is sold on a white rubber strap with a brand-new magnetic ball marker built into the buckle. It’s available now in 45mm on TAG Heuer’s website for $2,650.

Purchase: $2,650

Photo: TAG Heuer