Scoured: The Best Outdoor Gear On REI

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It’s June and that means that summer is finally upon us. And while the last few months have been obviously very tough, big chunks of the country (and the world) are finally reopening to the public. One of the most exciting things reopening is parks, outdoor spaces, hiking and riding trails, and the like. Finally, we can start indulging ourselves again in a little off-the-beaten-path adventure.

While the easiest way to hit the trails is probably on foot, some adrenaline junkies prefer taking to the outdoors a bit quicker. If that sounds like you, then you’re in luck because we’ve taken a deep dive into the outdoor gear offered on REI and have put together this fully-featured mountain biking kit. Outfit yourself with this setup and you’ll be bombing those hills in no time flat. Get out there!

Crankbrothers M-19 Multi-Tool

Designed specifically as a pocketable folding tool for cyclists, the Crankbrothers M-19 Multi-Tool is perfect for those roadside or trailside quick fixes. As the name suggests, it comes with 19 built-in functions — ranging from a suite of hex wrenches to a chainbreaker and everything in-between — and its lightweight and compact enough to add to any kit.

Purchase: $34

PEARL iZUMi Rove Flannel Bike Shirt

Coverage is important in the great outdoors, even on a bike. And while we wouldn’t probably suggest wearing a normal flannel in the warmer months, especially for a mtb trip, this one isn’t a “normal flannel.” Rather, it was made specifically with riding in mind — boasting a moisture-wicking and breathable polyester twill construction, BoiViz reflective elements for low light visibility, and a slightly dropped tail for better backside coverage.

Purchase: $40

Osprey Seral Lumbar Hydration Pack

Staying hydrated is of the utmost importance when adventuring, but its not an easy thing to manage when you have to keep both hands on the handlebars. And while you could opt for a backpack with a hydration bladder, we prefer the Osprey Seral Lumbar Hydration Pack because it doesn’t hinder your range of motion or weigh down your shoulders. Plus it can haul up to 7L of H2O, has an integrated drinking tube, and is ventilated for added comfort.

Purchase: $64

REI Co-op Link Double Bike Shorts

While pants are preferred from a safety standpoint, sometimes the weather is just too hot for them. Luckily, the folks at the REI Co-op make these Link Double Bike Shorts for just such an occasion. They’re stretchy, abrasion-resistant, come with quick-drying removable liner shorts, and they actually look good enough that you won’t be embarrassed to wear them in public.

Purchase: $70

Shimano AM5 Mountain Bike Shoes

The trouble with most cycling shoes, especially if you’re headed off-road, is that they’re not exactly adept when you’re not pushing those pedals. Shimano’s AM5 Mountain Bike Shoes, however, were made to be great both on and off those pedals. That way, when you need to lift your bike over a creek or ravine — or you just need to make a quick pit stop to refill or empty your water — you’re not slipping and sliding in the process.

Purchase: $83

Ortlieb Handlebar Pack

Backpacks might be great for hauling gear on-foot, but they tend to get in the way and weigh you down when you’re biking. But you’ve got a pedal-powered pack mule right between your knees if you’re mountain biking, which is why we suggest equipping your handlebars with the Ortlieb Handlebar Pack — which offers 15L of storage, has a waterproof exterior, and can even expand or contract to ensure the weight of the bag is evenly distributed.

Purchase: $120

Julbo Shield Sunglasses

More speed means more wind in your eyeballs, which is why a pair of goggles or glasses are always a good idea. We’re partial to these Julbo Shield Sunglasses for their 100% UV protection, lightweight shock-resistant lenses, anti-reflective coating, and nonslip GripTech temples and nose. They even come with removable side shields for added protection on windier days.

Purchase: $150

Smith Trace MIPS Helmet

Keeping your head protected is very nearly as important as staying hydrated when you’re on any kind of bike ride. And there are many ways to manage that, including by covering your dome with the Smith Trace MIPS Helmet. Not only will it protect your cranium from impacts and twists, but it has a built-in ventilation system for warm weather usage and to prevent your eyewear from fogging up, it has eyewear channels so your glasses and helmet fit at the same time, its lightweight, and it has an antibacterial lining.

Purchase: $200

Wahoo Fitness ELEMNT BOLT GPS Bike Computer Bundle

If you’re obsessed with your personal fitness journey enough that you want to track your performance, then your smartphone or even a fitness tracker isn’t going to be enough for your rides. Rather, you should equip yourself and your bike with the Wahoo Fitness ELEMNT BOLT GPS Bike Computer Bundle. This wireless, easy-to-use kit will keep a bead on your journey, speed, cadence, heart rate, and so much more — all with simple Bluetooth connectivity.

Purchase: $330

Cannondale Moterra Neo 5 Electric Mountain Bike

You won’t be doing much riding without a bike. And this particular one is all the better for drawn-out trips because, while it’s equipped for all-terrain rides, it also has a built-in electric motor for a bit of assistance when you need it most. With a 60-mile range, this bike can get up to 28mph, has a lightweight aluminum frame, and — thanks to REI — comes with a free tune-up within 20 hours of use or 6 months from purchase (whichever comes first).

Purchase: $4,000

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