The 10 Best Water Bottles For Everyday Use

Photo: YETI Rambler

Access to clean drinking water isn’t simply a privilege, but a necessity — not just to stay alive, but in order for the human body to perform anywhere near functional levels. And while many of us are fortunate enough to always have that access, it’s still important to always be prepared for when thirst strikes you. Perhaps the best way to manage that in your day-to-day life is by utilizing a reusable water bottle as a part of your everyday carry loadout.

Not just any old bottle will do, however. Each person has different needs, desires, and considerations to make in picking out which one works and looks best for them. It’s with that in mind that we’ve put together the following list of the 10 best water bottles for everyday use. Keep in mind: many of these bottles are available in various sizes, a litany of colors, and will a selection of potential accessories — so we’ve focused more on the overall lineups and technologies shared throughout. If you’re hunting for the ideal water bottle, you’re almost guaranteed to find it somewhere below.

Stay Hydrated

Why You Should Carry A Water Bottle

As you are probably already aware, the human body is made up mostly of water — roughly 60%, to be more exact, though that figure fluctuates depending on a number of factors. In fact, water is probably the element most responsible for all life on this planet. Furthermore, drinking water is something humans need access to more than anything else — even food. For reference, an average human can survive for roughly three full weeks without any food. By contrast, just three days without water is typically fatal. That alone might be reason enough to keep a water bottle on your person at all times, even if you have access to drinking fountains. But it isn’t the only reason — not by a long shot.

Along with the survival angle, constant access to water has even more benefits to your body. For starters, water can help stave off hunger — some people even mistake thirst for hunger and mistakenly chow down when a few swigs of H20 would really be a better solution. Furthermore, dehydration can negatively impact your physical performance. Obviously, this is important when it comes to athletic ventures like exercise, but a loss of as little as 2% of your body’s water content can reduce your motivation, increase overall fatigue (and therefore reduce your muscles’ ability to perform), and just generally make your day harder to get through — even if you’re merely sitting at a desk.

But here’s the big one: a lack of water intake, even on a small scale, can negatively impact your brain’s ability to function. That means, with a loss of roughly 1% of your body’s water content, you could experience headaches, increased anxiety, and even memory loss. If you ask us, that’s a pretty big/good reason to keep a water bottle. And that’s not even the end of the list — water intake can help treat constipation, promote weight loss, and even treat kidney stones. As you can plainly see, carrying a water bottle is in everyone’s best interest.

Sustainable Solutions

Time To Ditch Single-Use Plastics

By numerous estimates, humans are responsible for creating over 300 million tons of plastic waste every single year — a massive amount of which comes in the form of single-use plastic bottles. In fact, in the United States alone, we throw out more than 60 million plastic water bottles every single day (and only 12% are recycled). That absurdly high amount of waste has caused countless beaches and waterways around the globe to be obscenely polluted, leaching dangerous chemicals into our rivers, lakes, and oceans and accounting for the death of over a million marine animals each year.

Even if you don’t care about the impact on animal life, that waste may still be negatively impacting your own life. For starters, tropical vacation locales are often some of the first- and hardest-hit by this waste. Second, a huge number of these bottles end up in landfills and each will take about a thousand years to decompose — meaning we’re going to need to keep creating landfills, as this trash isn’t going anywhere anytime soon, which will lower surrounding property values and (perhaps obviously) smell bad and generally be no fun to be around. Finally, the amount of effort it takes to move these water bottles — both in man-hours and in fuel consumption — from manufacturing to the landfill is contributing significantly to global climate change. And these are just some of the most significant factors that should encourage any conscientious person to make the switch from wasteful single-use bottles to more sustainable multi-use options. It might not be a permanent solution, but it’s definitely a massive step in the right direction.

Nalgene Wide Mouth Bottles

While multi-use water bottles have been around for a long time, Nalgene was the brand that helped shift them from an athletics-focused accessory to something people carry every single day. They’re also still one of the biggest names in the business with a huge catalog of sizes, colors, and more. Better still, they’re committed to helping reduce waste even further by shifting their construction methods over to using recycled materials. Honest to goodness, you can’t go wrong with a classic Nalgene for your EDC water bottle.

Purchase: $6+

CamelBak Chute Mag Water Bottles

Perhaps known best for the brand’s hiking-focused hydration packs and bags, CamelBak has also shifted its expertise to a series of water bottles. They come in a variety of sizes, materials, and colors, but they’re all built spectacularly and, in our case, come with a secure-yet-convenient magnetic lid that is leakproof when closed but allows unfettered access to the life-giving liquid within when opened. Some of them are even vacuum-insulated to keep liquids ice-cold or lava-hot for hours on end without users having to deal with condensation or the bottle being too-hot to carry.

Purchase: $7+

HydraPak Flexible Bottles

One of the biggest downsides of most water bottles is that they take up quite a lot of space — which only gets worse the larger the capacity of said water bottles. That’s where HydraPak comes in with a pretty spectacular solution. You see, this company makes their bottles from BPA- and PVC-free materials that are soft and flexible. This means, when one of the brand’s bottles is empty, it’s designed to pack down to a fraction of its expanded size, making for easier storage between uses. And while they come in a few different formats, suitable for different carry styles, they’re all leakproof, so you don’t have to worry about spilling between sips.

Purchase: $15+

Klean Kanteen Climate Lock Water Bottles

One of the brands that helped revolutionize the reusable water bottle industry, Klean Kanteen is one of the few company’s in this space that probably needs no introduction. However, if you need a bit of a refresher, how about this: Klean Kanteen is known for making stainless steel vacuum-insulated water bottles that can keep hot beverages hot for up to 30 hours and cold beverages cold for a whopping 100 hours (or more). Furthermore, they’re powder-coated for added durability, and they come in plenty of sizes and colorways to suit just about any lifestyle. Honestly, you can’t go wrong with any of this brand’s offerings — water-focused, beer-focused, or otherwise.

Purchase: $21+

Hydro Flask Water Bottles

If you’ve heard of Klean Kanteen, then you’ve almost definitely also heard of their chief competition, Hydro Flask. Like their competitor, Hydro Flask specializes in durable, vacuum-insulated stainless steel bottles that will keep your beverages warm or cold for hours and hours on end. Furthermore, this brand’s offerings are available in more sizes, colors, and formats than you can wag your tongue at. They even have a kid-focused lineup for those who are family-oriented. Furthermore, if you’re all set on water bottles, they also offer a huge selection of drinkware, coolers, hydration packs, and more.

Purchase: $23+

YETI Rambler Water Bottles

If you were to put the names of all of YETI’s offerings onto ping pong balls, stick them in a lottery-style drum, roll those balls around, and pick one at random, chances are you’d still end up with one of the best, toughest, and most reliable examples of that particular gear type. Well, the same goes for the brand’s selection of vacuum-insulated water bottles. Yes, they’re durable as all get-out, they’ll keep your liquids cold or hot for hours and hours, and they’re available with your choice of five different cap styles. But what really helps set these ones apart is that YETI went the extra mile to make them all dishwasher safe on top of that — and that makes this deep suite of offerings all the more special.

Purchase: $30+

LifeStraw Go Bottles

The LifeStraw name is synonymous, as you may already know, with backcountry filtration. After all, this brand pioneered the packable straw that can filter out over 99.9% of all waterborne impurities. Well, as it turns out, they’ve taken that same technology and imbued it into a series of water bottles — the very ones you see before you here. Here’s the best part: while the brand includes a water bottle with each sale, the filtration technology is actually housed in the lid/cap — which means you can swap out the bottle for something more your speed if you want to put this feature into a different style or you’ve lost or broken your existing bottle. You can even buy a separate hybrid straw/cap that can screw on top of a single-use water bottle if that’s all you have access to for some reason.

Purchase: $36+

Purist Collective Water Bottles

Drinking water from a metal vessel, for most, is an acceptable trade-off for helping avoid the waste of plastic single-use bottles. However, trying out other beverages can prove a little less acceptable, as the metals can impart odd flavors to the beverages. Well, the folks at Purist wanted to solve that issue without sacrificing usability and durability. So, they made the exterior of their bottle from surgical-level stainless steel and popped an unbreakable interior glass finish to its inner walls to help maintain the integrity of anything you put inside it — be that water, coffee, beer, or even orange juice. These bottles are also vacuum-insulated, can keep liquids cold for up to 24 hours and warm for 12 hours, and they have a leakproof lid.

Purchase: $38+

Vargo Titanium Water Bottles

When Vargo decided that they wanted to improve upon the concept of a reusable water bottle, they wanted to make sure the material they chose was durable, biocompatible (a step up from food-safe), wouldn’t corrode, and — perhaps most importantly — wouldn’t leach into the liquid inside. What they settled on was titanium — which is one of the lightest, strongest metals known to man. Of course, that wasn’t all they did. They also wanted to make sure that the format was compatible with most backcountry water filters and accessories, the silhouette was comfortable to grip with one hand, and they even included a lid tether made from seven feet of woven 550 paracord — which can be removed and unwoven for emergency usage. So, yes, this is a water bottle, but it’s also a kind of emergency outdoor backup plan.

Purchase: $70+

LARQ Self-Sanitizing Water Bottles

Like LifeStraw, LARQ’s offerings were designed with water sanitization in mind. However, LARQ’s offerings differ in how they achieve that goal. You see, rather than equipping them with filters that require fairly frequent replacements and, therefore, create waste, LARQ’s use a built-in UV light system in the lid that can be recharged and kills a whopping 99.999% of bacteria in water in just 60 seconds. Better still, you can access this feature manually by pushing the button on the lid, but the bottle will also auto-sterilize every two hours just to keep you extra safe. Furthermore, the UV light only requires recharging once a month. While these bottles are a bit pricey, you can clearly see where the value is derived.

Purchase: $78+

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