Rumpl & NASA Join Forces For Two Spacey Nanoloft Blankets & A Poncho

It’s not out of the ordinary for an organization like NASA to collaborate with cutting-edge brands, but if you told us that the space-faring institution was slated to release a set of ultra-comfortable blankets and ponchos with Rumpl, we might have taken a second to double back. As it turns out, the duo has joined forces to celebrate the 50th anniversary of the Apollo 13 mission, producing a set of interesting Nanoloft peripherals for everyday use.

The Rumpl x NASA Nanoloft Collection centers around the newly-introduced NASA Blanket — a 100% post-consumer recycled accessory boasting a rugged 30D ripstop polyester fabric shell and Nanoloft insulation. Its technical design is complemented by a water-resistant finish, replica NASA patches, and a stuff sack that has been treated to deter moisture from affecting the comfortable compatriot. There’s also a standard edition of Rumpl’s NASA collaboration blanket done up in reflective silver if that’s more your speed. Of course, the blankets also fit right alongside Rumple and NASA’s NanoLoft Puffy Poncho — a warm, spacesuit-inspired garment featuring 5K laminated waterproof shoulders, a post-consumer recycled 30D polyester shell, and a fleece-lined snap pouch to keep your important accessories within arm’s reach. Head to Rumpl’s website to check out the collection, which starts at $199, in greater detail.

Purchase: $199+