RED’s Latest Flagship Camera Is Its Most Powerful & Advanced Cinema Model Ever

RED’s cameras are the cream of the crop for filming action sports because of their modular construction, incredible imaging, and robust slow-motion capabilities. Even still, the video market is an ever-changing space, with new offerings coming out all the time in an effort to steal the top spot.

Never one to rest on its laurels, RED has just unveiled — the V-Raptor ST — what it’s billing as “the most powerful and advanced RED cinema camera ever.” As the first model in the brand’s DSMC3 camera series, this means that it’ll house the brand-new flagship 35.4MP sensor, a feature that allows for 8k recording, up to 600fps at 2k, and over 17 stops of dynamic range. And that’s not all; it also gains a much more compact design, tipping the scales at just over 4lbs whilst still offering a pair of 4K 12G-SDI outputs, XLR audio, as well as 1080p live streaming and phantom power compatibility. Oh, and fans of past RED cameras will be glad to know: despite the new tech, it’s still shooting in 16-bit REDCODE RAW, allowing for ultra-crisp quality and maximum post-production workability. Currently sold out, but you’ll be able to buy it starting at $24,500 when RED restocks.

Purchase: $24,500+