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LEGO’s ‘Back to the Future’ Set Allows Fans to Build Their Own DeLoreans

To paraphrase Marty McFly: “Are you telling me that you built a time machine—out of LEGOs?” While the building block company hasn’t (yet) announced whether or not its upcoming Back to the Future DeLorean set will send us back to 1955, fans are absolutely drooling over the intricate 1,872-piece model that was just unveiled.

Over 35 years later, Back to the Future is still one of the most popular and unanimously beloved films of all time. The 1985 movie and its two direct sequels, all directed by Robert Zemeckis, have also made up one of the most merchandised franchises ever, with everything from pinball machines to comic books to a slew of screen-accurate replicas coming out over the years, and with no signs of slowing down—even for a Fox Photo kiosk. Now, LEGO is getting in on the action with this latest kit, which comes with two minifigures—Marty and Doc Brown—as well as a flux capacitor that actually lights up, a mini plutonium case, and the hoverboard that Marty brings back from 2015 in the franchise’s second installment.

Even more unprecedented is that LEGO has made it so you can build three different versions of the DeLorean, whether you prefer a lightning rod to be attached or a Mr. Fusion, there’s one car represented from each film in the trilogy. So, yes, that means if you want to display all three, you’ll have to purchase three separate kits. Each car features the DeLorean’s signature gull-wing doors, printed dashboard dates, and a front hood that actually opens up. For the futuristic 2015 flying version of the vehicle seen in Part 2, the wheels fold down for flight takeoff.

This isn’t the first time LEGO has dipped into the famed franchise. Back in 2014, the toy industry juggernaut released a much more simplified version of the DeLorean, much to the chagrin of disgruntled fans. Now, the company has rectified all of that with its upcoming build marked 18+, signifying a significantly more complex mapping. The Back to the Future Time Machine set will be available on LEGO’s online store starting April 1st (no foolin’) for $170.

Purchase: $170

Photo: LEGO