A Modern Portrait Of Land Rover’s Iconic Series One

It seems that Land Rover’s famed vehicles have garnered something of an immortal persona, as of late — and each day, we question our sanity as the next interesting customization flaunts its aggressive, off-road silhouette. While the company’s Series One might just be its quintessential offering, it’s difficult to find an example that stands up to today’s most adversarial platforms — that is, until LR aficionado Timm Cooper decided to dirty his hands with this bespoke build.

As one of the most legendary Land Rover builders to ever brandish a wrench, Cooper’s one-of-a-kind customizations have earned him a fair amount of respect within the automotive community. The fabricator’s most recent work, the Series One 107 UTE, is among his greatest yet. The vehicle’s beautifully refurbished body sits atop a gargantuan 107-inch chassis, joined by Series 80-inch front wings and bulkhead. To keep everything in working order, Rovertracks’ converted Range Rover Classic 30 Spline axles and Toyota differentials were integrated into the build, while non-assisted disc brakes and a Chevy 327 V8 powerplant producing 350 horsepower keep the vehicle moving (and stopping) as it should. On the interior, a classic dash layout, gauges, and metalwork compliment the UTE’s minimalistic seating arrangement. If you’re interested, the vehicle is slated for sale via Brooklyn Coachworks, so head over to their website if you’re looking to inquire.

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