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Everyday Carry: Magma

Those with even a basic knowledge of Earth sciences — geology, more specifically — have probably heard that there is liquid rock and metal churning around just below the surface of the planet at extremely high temperatures. When this superheated liquid comes to the surface and breaks through, we know it as lava. However, when it is still trapped underground, we call it magma. And it is probably a lot more important than you realize. One of the most immediately apparent benefits of the molten rock and metal is that, when it breaches the surface of the planet via volcanos and/or vents, it can actually create new, fertile lands — this is how Hawaii and many other tropical islands around the globe were created. However, there’s a much more critical function of this churning liquid. You see, the rolling superheated metals actually generate electricity, which serves to create our planet’s electromagnetic field. That EMF then goes on to protect the surface of our planet and atmosphere by acting as a kind of shield — bouncing deadly solar radiation away from us like arrows glancing off a suit of armor. It’s this fascinating molten rock and metal that has inspired this week’s black-and-red everyday carry loadout — which is even more formidable than it looks, just like its namesake.

Trayvax Axis Wallet

Handmade in the USA, this minimalist bifold-style tactical wallet boasts an ultra-tough stainless steel frame, RFID-blocking technology, comes with a lifetime heirloom warranty, and it can hold up to 14 cards and 8 bills inside of it at any given time. This isn’t a traditional wallet like the ones your dad carried; it’s much better.

Purchase: $50

SOG Trident AT-XR Knife

A superb tactical-inspired everyday carry folding knife, the SOG Trident AT-XR boasts a cryogenically heat treated D2 steel partially-serrated blade, a textured GRN handle for good grip in any conditions, and a sturdy and easy-to-use button-style lock. But it also has some handy emergency-focused features that are a bit less obvious at-a-glance — like a glass breaker tungsten carbide tip on the base of the handle and an integrated seatbelt cutter.

Purchase: $95

Timex Ironman R300 GPS Watch

Complete with onboard integrated GPS, 24/7 activity tracking, an optical heart rate monitor, and more, the Timex Ironman R300 watch might be the best budget-friendly exercise-focused watch around. And that goes double when you consider that it has enough battery power to keep it ticking for up to 25 days at a time.

Purchase: $129

OLIGHT Warrior X Pro Flashlight

A more vibrant take on one of Olight’s toughest flashlights, the Warrior X Pro you see here can output a grand total of a whopping 2,100 lumens, it throws light up to 500 meters, boasts IPX8 waterproofing, and it can survive a three-meter drop. That also means that it can be used in self-defense applications — further confirmed by its toothed bezel and grippy knurling.

Purchase: $130