Everyday Carry: Forged Carbon

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Carbon fiber has been the “cool” material on the block for a couple of decades now, but in recent years, the familiar woven material has frequently been jettisoned in favor of forged or marbled carbon. This style of carbon fiber is made up of many small bits of carbon fiber that are compressed together within resin, rather than strands of carbon woven together in a single layer of fabric before being infused with resin as with traditional carbon fiber. The result is a material that is more unique and dynamic looking, as its appearance is non-uniform. Forged carbon is also more versatile than woven carbon fiber, as it can be crafted into a greater variety of shapes. Personally, we really dig the forged carbon look, which is why we’ve created this EDC loadout made up entirely of forged carbon items.

WE Knife Co. Banter

Designed by Ben Petersen, formerly of the BladeHQ fan-favorite show Knife Banter, WE Knife Co.’s aptly-named Banter folder certainly would receive a rave review from the YouTube series. The knife pairs a 2.9” spear point blade in black-stonewashed CPM S35VN steel with marbled carbon scales, a deep-carry pocket clip, dual thumb stud openers, and a jimped steel liner lock, making for one seriously well-rounded addition to your everyday carry.

Purchase: $132

The Ridge Forged Ember KeyCase

Surely you’re familiar with The Ridge Wallet, an EDC community staple that notably exists in a forged carbon variant. But a more recent addition to The Ridge’s suite of products is this “Forged Ember” twist on the brand’s KeyCase. Capable of holding 2-6 keys between its patent-pending tension plate system, this forged carbon key organizer also features a manganese spring steel clip.

Purchase: $95

Golden Concept SPC13 iPhone Case

Most people don’t put much thought into their iPhone cases, but if you really want to outfit your iPhone with the best of the best, then you should be looking at Golden Concept. The brand’s SPC13 case is carved from a solid block of titanium to a precise 1mm thickness, expertly polished by a master craftsman, and then fitted with forged carbon inlays.

Purchase: $1,199

Zenith DEFY 21

DEFY is Zenith’s ultra-modern line where the Swiss heritage brand really likes to show off its watchmaking prowess. For this variation, a 44mm forged carbon case, openworked dial, and “CORDURA effect” integrated rubber strap are matched with Zenith’s extremely impressive El Primero 21 automatic chronograph movement with its insane 1/100th of a second chronograph function.

Purchase: $19,600